DE Myles Garrett (12.6.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On how he felt today:

“The first quarter, I felt pretty good. After that, I felt pretty tired. I just had to push through it, try to make plays and be there when my team needs me.”

On how he overcame the fatigue today:

“(Defensive line) Coach (Chris) Kiffin did a great job of taking me out and putting me back in on key downs where he felt like we should keep working in my favor or turn the tide. It was just a testament to them making the plays they needed to make when I was not out there. Getting back up and getting out there, I got a second wind and I was putting some pressure on the quarterback and making it a rough day for him.”

On when the decision was made to play with five DL and the impact:

“That was from the very beginning. We were not going to allow him an open gap to run through or try to exploit everything that we were doing. Play five on five, and we just tried to hold the line of scrimmage and make it as tough as possible for them to get to the edge or find any leaks.”

On if there was a mental element for him to overcome and play today:

“Not much. I did not feel like there was anything to get over, really other than physically. I was going to let my body rock, and whatever happens, happens. You would have to carry me off the field before I quit on my team and I am not out there on a crucial drive. Physically, it was wearing on me a little bit. I just have to get back and watch tape. This was a good one for that. We had the time of possession. We have to prepare for that for the rest of the season.”

On consistently getting pressure when in the game and finally getting the sack:

“It felt like Aggie-on-Aggie violence (laughter). No, I loved it. I was glad because I was like, ‘Man, I can’t let him come out unscathed. I kind of have to be able to take something from him.’ It was nice knowing that I was so close and got a couple of hits. I was free a couple of times and if was given another half second, I could have got the ball away from him. I just tried to add on to that and keep on having him thinking about me instead of guys down field.”

On DT Sheldon Richardson’s performance and the impact of Richardson’s tackle on fourth-and-1:

“He was huge. He was huge today. That fourth-and-one, the stop, those were takeaways for the defense and that is momentum for the offense to go down there and put some points on the board. You can’t understate that, what we do on our side of the ball to get back to them and put them in a good position to put us ahead. That is what they did. They did that all afternoon, and we came out the right side.”

On if he feels like the Browns proved something with this win:

“I feel like all wins are statements. Everybody is paid in the NFL to do their job. No matter who you are going against, they are going to give you their best shot. We gave each other a good exchange, and we came out on the winning side this time.”

On describing where the Browns are now with their 9-3 and the significance for Browns fans:

“We are 9-3. That is about as good as I can put it. Have to take it one week at a time. That is the record right now, and we are just hoping to be 1-0 after next Monday. Just do our best to prepare and get ahead on the next team preparation wise, film-study wise and doing what we can to know what they are going to do.”

On if the win gives the QB Baker Mayfield, the Browns defense or the entire team a boost of confidence heading into next week’s game against the Ravens:

“It is definitely something to build off of. We stopped the run today, and that is what they like to do. They like to play off of their run game and play action off of that. If we can attack them and make them one dimensional, and we have the guys to get after (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson) if he is back.”

On if he feels proud when players like CB M.J. Stewart Jr. make big plays:

“I am proud of all my guys. Just being able to see them out there on an NFL field is an achievement in itself. Mot many get that opportunity to put anything out there. Him making plays does not surprise me at all. He does it in practice all the time. It just about getting your shot to make your name known, and he took it.”

On if thinks about the ‘dark days’ of 0-16 following significant wins like today:

“I do not remember ever going 0-16. I am focused on this year. I will have time to recollect on what happens at the end of this season when this is over. Ride onto the success we have now and keep this train moving.”

On when did he felt the most winded during today’s game:
“I think we had a long drive before the half. I was quite winded then. I was trying to recover and catch my second wind with that second half and be a force.”

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