DE Myles Garrett (12.30.22)


On not playing the first defensive series in last week’s game:

“That was (Head) Coach’s (Kevin Stefanski) decision based off of what happened during the week, and I respect his decision. I was sick, and I didn’t communicate well enough.”


On if he accepted the decision to not play the first defensive series last week:

“I respect his decision.”


On being a captain and not being able to play the first defensive series last week:

“I think it was a misunderstanding at the end of the day. That is how it went down. Have to respect how he feels about the situation and his judgment.”


On if there have been similar communication issues in the past:

“It was the first time with something like this. I don’t foresee anything like this happening again.”


On if it is a bad look for a captain to not be able to play the first defensive series due to disciplinary reasons:

“It is a bad look for a starter just in general. Can’t put myself in that situation.”


On Stefanski saying the discipline last week has not led to any residual effects this week:

“That is behind us. Nobody is in here worrying about it.”


On how missing the playoffs takes its toll:

“It stinks for sure. It is a frustrating thing. It is physically frustrating. That kind of energy that you brought throughout the season, you have try to hold onto that. Energy just can’t be [static]. It has to move. It has to be in an environment or it leaves. It continues to move and display itself in different manners. When you lose like that and you feel like you had a disappointing season, you miss the playoffs and you feel like you should have made it or you should have done better, that is where you can lose energy and lose positivity and things start to go into disarray. As you can see, still a lot of energy in here and still a lot of guys who love being around each other playing the game at a high level. It really keeps us up, especially knowing that we have underachieved but we are not going to walk around with our heads held down.”


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