DE Myles Garrett (12.22.22)


On Saturday’s weather forecast:

“I don’t control the weather so whatever we have to play in, strap up, put your extra sleeves on, wear your leggings and whatever you have to do. We can’t be worried about that. You have an opponent ahead, and you have to go 1-0.”


On if the hope is the Browns offense sustains long drives so the defense can stay warm on the sideline:

“I want to go out there and make plays. I don’t care how cold it is. Whether my fingers hurt, toes are cold whatever it is, go out there to play the game we love.”


On if he has to regained his strength after dealing with an illness during the week:

“It will come back. Hopefully, the sun comes out and I can get some rays on me. I will be good.”


On planning for the Saints to potentially run the ball often due to the weather conditions:

“We are ready for it. They are expecting the same thing. Just victims of circumstance in this case. Both teams are going to be dealing with it. I think we are both prepared to do what we have to play that type of game. If we get a lead, they won’t have a choice, even with the conditions.”


On if the cold weather favors the OT or DE more in passing situations:

“I guess it depends. Sometimes when you are getting off of the ball quick, you end up slipping. If you are able to get a good get-off and get on under a guy’s chin, he is going to fall on his ass or he is going to slip. It just really depends on who gets the good jump initially.”


On how the Browns defense has improved with finishing games in recent weeks:

“Takeaways. Takeaways early on and playing with that edge. Once you have that little confidence booster and you see that you are playing complementary with the offense and they are going down, they are scoring points and putting points on the board and you are just going back and forth, it is a natural rhythm that you become accustomed to and it is easier to go down there and make stops knowing that they are going to go down and make a big play.”


On being named to another Pro Bowl:

“It feels good. I am never going to take it for granted, I don’t care how many times I am in it. I know (G) Joel (Bitonio) has more than me, and I know he is just as grateful more and more. All of that work, you are just glad that people pay attention to it and really take it to heart because at the end of the day, it is not guaranteed. You might get injured one year or you just might not make it. Three are some guys who feel they got snubbed on other teams. You just never know. You just be grateful to get to play in the Pro Bowl because it doesn’t come around often for a lot of guys.”


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