DE Myles Garrett (12.14.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On the Browns defense’s performance tonight:

“It was not good enough. They won. They put up 40 on the board. We did not get the stops we needed to win the game.”

On his reaction when Ravens QB Lamar Jackson came out of the locker room for the fourth down play:

“We have to stop him. It was the same as when he was in the rest of the game.”

On what made Jackson so difficult to cover tonight:

“Everybody saw. The man is dynamic. That is what he has been doing all year and his whole career.”

On if the Browns felt like the team compromised its chances with sloppier play in the first half:

“We never feel like our chances were compromised. We never feel like we are out of it, and we are going to keep on fighting until there are all zeroes on the board.”

On if tonight felt like it was a classic or dramatic game:

“It felt like it was a playoff-like game – two teams battling for a spot. It was a good game.”

On if he was surprised to see Jackson return to play in the fourth quarter:

“Not at all. The guy is a playmaker, a former MVP. He is going to go out there and be that guy.”

On the overall Browns defensive performance, including DE Olivier Vernon’s production:

“We lost. It is not good enough. I do not care if allowed seven points or 40 points, if they have more points than us, then we did not do good enough.”

On QB Baker Mayfield’s performance:

“He did well. He did as well as he could. The offense did their thing. We have to make more stops.”

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