DE Myles Garrett (12.10.23)


What was the walkup music today? 

“Satisfy My Soul by Bob Marley.”


How does this one feel to get to 8-5 and to stop that two game losing streak? 

“Man, tough games define who you are. Coming out on the other side of this one feels really good for a multitude of reasons, but the resilience of this team shows week in and week out, and the toughness, those are kinds of things that are going into no carry us very far into the rest of this year, into the postseason.”


You guys had injuries going in, and lost guys during the game. You just kept fighting and fighting. What can you say just about the grit and the moxie football? 

“There’s no quitting in us and never will be. Not a single man is going to falter or waiver with any adversity that we face, whether personally or through the team. We’re all going to point in the same direction and keep our eyes towards the prize.”


I know there’s a lot more to it than just the sacks but to be able to have four on the defense today, what does that just say about how you guys responded to last week not being able to record a sack?

That could have been more. The officiating was a travesty today. It was honestly awful. And the fact that they’re letting them get away with hands to the face, holding false starting. I know they called a couple, but damn, they could have called it all game. And the one that cost us down on the two-yard line. I mean, respect to those guys, it’s a hard job, but hell, we have a hard job as well. You can’t make it harder by throwing, holding, and hands to the face out the rulebook. And like I said, I got a lot of respect for those guys, but we get scrutinized for the plays that we don’t make. So someone has to hold them accountable for the plays or the calls they don’t make. And they need to be under the same kind of microscope as we are every single play.”


As you said, you wanted a sloppy, ugly, dirty game. Does this qualify as that? 

“It was just that all around. Like I said, all three phases plus the refs, and this time it went our way and we are glad to come on the right side of things. We want that kind of game, but we need to uphold the rules for everyone at all times.”


What can you say about Joe Flacco and the performance that he gave today and how exciting it must be for you guys as a defense to know that you’ve got a quarterback like that’s just going to go out there and leave everything else down the field with you? 

“Draco looked good. Other than one play, he was fantastic, and we can expect that no one’s going to be perfect and he’s just picking up things as he goes. But the man was sharp. He made the plays they need to make. He picked up those old legs and got a first down. The guy, he’s doing it all and he’s just giving it all for this team and got another respect from the rest of the guys as well.”


What have you seen from MJ (Emerson)? I mean he has those two interceptions today, but his growth, especially when he’s in the defense. 

“He’s grown as a player, he’s grown as a leader. He comes with a child’s mindset every single day. He comes to work trying to receive and be receptive of all the knowledge that coaches give him, we’re given, how can he can best be utilized by the team and how he can help maximize his potential. He’s receptive to all that kind of coaching and it means a lot from a guy, especially that young to hear from veterans and use that and make it have a big day like he did. He was where he needed to be. He was flying around. He was making plays from the perimeter to there in the backfield looking like he was a receiver. The guy is—MJ is special and I like having people who just love this. You love the game. You can tell every time he steps on the field, whether it’s a Wednesday or a Sunday, he just loves the game.”


What can you say about Kevin (Stefanski)? You’ve had all these different quarterbacks, bunch of injuries, offensive line is banged up, and here you guys are right in the middle of the AFC wild card picture, you know maybe even the division. What do you make of how he’s been able to keep this together and you guys playing for him this year? 

“He’s done all right. I mean, with everything that’s changed throughout the year, pieces moving in and out, switched around, he’s done a hell of a job and we’ve answered the call. He’s put us in different positions to make up for some of the injuries and different calls and schemes that we’re trying to adjust to, but it goes hand in hand with us trying to play off of what we’re being put in, but he’s putting us in a lot of favorable positions and he’s coaching his ass off.”


Myles, when Joe (Flacco) got here three weeks ago, did you have your suspicions about what he had left? 

“I mean, you see all that gray hair, you might too. But other than thinking he’s Stefanski’s lost brother, the guy I mean looks good. He came in with just a positive attitude or around him. Just wanted to listen, learn, be around the guys. Met him early on in Kevin’s office and seemed like a great guy. Wanted to get to know me. Was just intrigued to be around us as a team. And at this point as well, he still feels like he’s an outsider looking in, but he’s one of us, and as long as he continues what he’s doing, he’s going to stay one of us.”


Do you know that he’s got five kids that he has to answer to after games? 

“God, dog.”


Could you imagine that? Doing everything that you do, and then you have to go home and take care of five kids?

“One day maybe in my future, but I couldn’t imagine coming home from a game like this and being like, oh, well, five pairs of eyes staring at me from the door. The man does it all, as you can see.”


The frustration with the officials. Is that just today, or has that been kind of growing over the course of the year? 

“No, that’s built up. I want to say, like whar Watts said. The officials got something against me but shoot close enough. This hacker shack crap got to stop. Y’all are dominant, as we’ve seen, and we are going to let him get away with pretty much anything. It’s ridiculous. You can’t just let a guy put his fingers in your face mask and push your head up or grab you around the back of your collar, or he’s out of position, so he’s going to snatch you from the front. All that stuff we see, but we try to promote the offensive game. It’s got to be called fair both ways. I don’t care about any of that offense, defense has to be held to the same standard in more ways than one.”


Why today? Why today do you think this is the time to stress that?

“If you watch the game and you see what was happening over there on the right end, you’d understand if you saw my shoulder looks right now all red and beat up and looking like I got scratched by a couple of wild feral cats or something. You’d understand.”

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