DE Myles Garrett (11.26.21)

On how to try to slow down Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“How many people have figured that out? Nobody has done it consistently. I will try to look at the people who have. The Bengals did it pretty well. The Dolphins did it pretty well. We will do something that work for us and try to mold ourselves off of the packages that they run.”


On if it is significant to study film from teams who have slowed down Jackson:

“Even the games they have lost, he has done pretty well sometimes. We have to go with the games that teams have actually had a solid plan for him and were able to execute it. Whether we have to blitz him 35 times like the Dolphins did or just have great containment like the Bengals did, we have to find what suits us the best.”


On if it is frustrating that he has not sacked Jackson as much as he has desired:

“I hope to change that, but we will see.”


On the risk in blitzing Jackson and playing Cover 0 frequently like the Dolphins did:

“There is heavy risk, but it changes up the look sometimes. They engage eight pretty much or sometimes they backed out. Give them a mixture of all of that and keeping him on his toes. I do not know if that is a one-hit wonder, but we will see. We will see if we can try to do something like that, but if that is in the gameplan, we will run it. If it is not, then we will do something.”


On what Sunday’s game against the Ravens means to the Browns, especially playing Baltimore twice in three weeks:

“They are at the top, and they are in the way. We are trying to go to the playoffs, and right now, we have to go through them so that is how we are looking at it. Bye week to give us more time to study them and study what we did and hopefully what we do on Sunday. We will see what we can put on tape, learn from that and have an even better performance the next time out.”


On if Sunday’s game will define the season for the Browns:

“Define the season? I feel like that has been said multiple times down the stretch. I do not feel like it will define the season. If we go out there and play our brand of football, it will give us a good look of who we are.”


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