DE Myles Garrett (11.25.22)


On if he remembers sacking Buccaneers QB Tom Brady in 2019:

“I do. Got it off a spin. I was hoping I would get some more then. I didn’t think I was going to get another opportunity seeing as he retired for a little bit, but I guess he knew we were on his schedule, and he wanted to give me another chance.”


On Brady’s pocket presence and ability to get rid of the football quickly:

“He is pretty much the blueprint that most teams have followed. Most of the offenses function like he does in the pocket – standing up in there through tackles and through sacks being able to deliver throws under pressure and while he is going to the ground. He has been doing that for ages now it seems. That presence, you know that his will does not go away, and it does not diminish. He is always going to have that presence, that leadership and that drive to win no matter what the score is or the situation is so you can’t really take your foot off the gas because you know he won’t.”


On how much he has studied Brady as an athlete as it relates to his personal development:

“I studied him a lot because growing up I was a (Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Colts QB) Peyton Manning fan so I got to see a good amount of him. It is through that leadership, that will to win, that never say die attitude and just that hard working nature he has those intangibles that he has never been the guy with the strongest arm in the room and he is not very mobile as we have come to find out, but the guy will fight through whatever he has to, whatever injury, whatever situation or whatever adversity to get a win. Stuff like that, everyone likes to say it and everyone likes to talk about it, not everyone is about it, and he has shown that he is”


On if he remembers the NFL without Brady in it:

“No, I don’t think I was even old enough to remember the NFL back then. I was not even watching the NFL back then. I was strictly basketball. As soon as my eyes opened to NFL, Brady was across my screen.”


On why he was more of a Manning fan than Brady when growing up:

“Why? I am not quite sure. I just always stuck with Peyton for as long as I can remember. I was also a big (former Colts WR) Reggie Wayne guy, and that combo with him and (Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Colts WR Marvin) Harrison was just deadly. I was a big (Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Patriots WR Randy) Moss guy so when he went with Brady, I was not really complaining, but Peyton was just really fun to watch. I feel like his command over the field and then just putting the ball in spots that I didn’t feel like anyone else could do at the time, and it just left an impression on me.”


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