DE Myles Garrett (11.20.22)


On saying this was essentially a must-win game earlier in the week and what happens moving forward:

“Keep on pushing. There are still seven more games, and things like this move our destiny out of our hands, but we just have to keep on fighting, keep on going forward and try to get in that win column. We are not out of it. If we do what we are supposed to and get rolling, then we still have a way to make it. We just have to keep that in mind and keep that in the forefront.”


On what changed defensively in the second half after a solid performance in the first half:

“They were able to find a rhythm running the ball. They were able to get some direct runs and took advantage of some of the mistakes that were made.”


On his mindset when sitting on the bench after the game:

“Just disappointed. We are too good of a team to have this record that we have right now. We just have to be better. It is frustrating. There is a lot of emotion going through your head when you let another slip away when it is 13-10 going into the locker room, catch the momentum, doing well on defense and then we just don’t finish.”


On how the Browns can improve upon ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ with mistakes:

“Have to stay locked in. That has been our biggest weakness at this point just not having that attention to detail, not focusing and not finishing. Those are the things that keep on getting us – those penalties, the special teams mistakes we had and just not being who we are supposed to be and fitting up the run on defense. We can’t expect the offense to put up 30 every game. We have to be there and do our job and, we have to be complementary.”


On the Browns can battle mentally for the next few weeks to respond after recent losses:

“You use it. It is an emotional game. Use our frustration. You have to hone in and you have to focus in and use it on your opponent. No one likes this feeling. If you don’t like it, then get rid of it. The only way I know how is to win.”


On if it is particularly frustrating to lose given the Browns are now 3-7 with the talent on the team:

“That is our record, but it does not have to remain that way. We have seven more games so we will see where we are.”


On talking earlier this week about the importance of winning against the Bills and Buccaneers as it related to remaining in the playoff hunt:

“That has always been the idea: win the next two, but it was really keep on winning and keep on stacking. That is still the idea. That is still the mindset. That is not going to change. We still feel like we can do so, but we have to put the preparation and have that level of detail to match that excitement and that energy we have with wanting to do it.”


On not getting a takeaway again in today’s game:

“It just has to be more of an emphasis in practice. It has been a lack of importance when we go out there and practice. It has to be more important to us if we want to force those takeaways in the game. We have goals that we set in practice, and we are not reaching them. I think we have to be better. I think that is the first start. Once we start forcing those takeaways like we have been the last couple of years, then we will see some of the results start falling in our favor because as good as a defense as we can play can only get better and we can only start covering up these mistakes even more if we start taking the ball away before they even get rolling.”


On if he is saying that Browns players do not have enough urgency during takeaway drills in practice:

“I am saying we have goals in practice, and we don’t achieve those goals all of the time as far as getting the strips, punch-outs and things like that. I think we need to do better with that.”


On if this Browns team is what he thought it would be at this point in the season:

“No. I definitely feel like we all have that kind of feeling. We all know that we have let a couple slip away that we should have won. We have shot ourselves in the foot with multiple others. It is just a lot on ourselves and what we need to do better. We have faced some tough competition, and we have hung in there. For one reason or another, we have taken ourselves out of the game or we allowed the game to get away from us. That is not characteristic of us, our game and the men we have in the room.”


On if not forcing the desired number of turnovers is related to technique or preparation:

“It is both. The technique, being able to rip the front tip of the ball and being in that position. Being in position, you have to give that amount of effort to get there, you have to strain to finish and you have to be there when he is in that awkward angle when he has extended the ball or when he is making that second effort – that is when we have to be there. It is just a combination of things. Right now, we are just not doing it at the clip that we have been previously.”


On going from playing for a chance to be in the AFC Championship Game during the 2020 season to being a 3-7 now with the amount of talent in its prime on the roster:

“We have to make sure that we don’t waste the talent that we have in its prime right now. We have to do our best with it. There are seven more games that we can use the talent that we have all over the field and make the most out of it. We still have a lot of opportunities left to keep on fighting and put ourselves in position to go to the playoffs. It is not as much in our hands as we want it to be, but it is definitely not out of the conversation yet.”


On if the Browns defense has let the team down this year:

“Has the defense let the team down? No, I don’t believe so. I do not believe so.”


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