DE Myles Garrett (11.19.21)

On RB Nick Chubb returning to practice today from the reserve/COVID-19 list:

“It is great to have No. 24 back. He is the man. One of the best in the league and a great locker room guy. I know you do not see it much, but he is more talkative. It is great to see him out there, especially with no sleeves. He does not care about this cold.”


On how the Browns responded in practice this week:

“Guys are still attacking. Guys had a great week of preparation. It was good to see everybody’s spirits still up and still ready to attack the season because it is still right there for us.”


On his relationship with defensive coordinator Joe Woods, following his postgame comments about in-game adjustments:

“I do not think there was ever like a riff between us. There was never a problem. I was frustrated because I felt like we could have done more, but it is tough to see. He has a tough job, just like I do. I want to make plays, and it was still tough for them because they were scheming me and JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney). He is doing his best to put us in positions to make plays so I do not think there is a problem at all between us.”


On if last week was the most he was cut block by an opponent during his career:

“In recent memory, yeah – probably since college. They were not trying to give me a running start at the quarterback really, and when they did, they had other things schemed for me. It is (Patriots Head Coach Bill) Belichick and (Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Josh) McDaniels. They had a good plan for us.”


On how to combat cut blocks and if he is concerned about potentially getting hurt when those occur:

“No, it is get out of the way. If I get hurt, that is on me because I did not avoid the cut block. I have enough time to get out of the way and adjust. I feel like I stayed up a good amount of times. I think he got me on one, but it is a matter of staying up and trying to make a play. They were getting out quick. They were running out of the middle. They were doing some reverses and gimmicks outside. They were doing their best to keep us out of the game, and they did a good job with that.”


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