DE Myles Garrett (11.12.21)


On RB Nick Chubb being out and how the team responds to those situations, given Chubb is arguably one of the best players on the Browns and in the NFL:

“I do not think that is arguable at all. I think he is one of the very best running backs in the league. We are going to have his back and fully support him, and he is going to fully support us. He knows that we are going to do our best to keep on pushing our running game and trying to produce like we usually have. Of course, it will be different, but like you said, it is next man up. Draw up different plays. We will try to do things a little bit differently for the men we have to create big plays rushing the ball on the offense. I do not think we will miss a beat because of the guys we have, but it is just different not having such a dominate force out there.”


On how the Browns defense can continue to be consistent after displaying consistency last week:

“I think so. The last three games, I think we have been pretty consistent. I always think we can be better. If we gave up two touchdowns, we can make it one. We can start learning form our mistakes on the fly and make those adjustments before we get to the sideline. That is the sign of a really good defense when you can start seeing those things happen as you are on the field and then really turning them into big plays.”


On his foot:

“I am a little bit sore. I am good. Just kind of rolled my foot weird in the game – I think at the end of the third [quarter]. It was really out of an abundance of caution. I probably could have gone the last two days, but there was no point of fighting through pain to practice when I can get a good practice today and get in the playbook to know exactly what I am going to do and go out there fresh. I do not think I have any lingering effects.”


On the situation involving Panthers DE Brian Burns and Patriots QB Mac Jones:

“Of course, I watched it. I will hold my comments on that one. Hopefully, it does not happen to me. I do not know. Is he going to turn into the ankle grabber? I do not know. We will see.”


On if he is on ‘high alert’ after the situation involving Burns and Jones:

“If I tackled a man or I sacked him and I let him grab me, honestly, that is on me. I am not saying it is on Brian. He did not expect that. Now, we have all seen it. Now I know to get my behind up and get out of the way.”


On what stands out about Jones’ performance and the Patriots OL:

“They like to maul you. They like to weigh you down. They like to run the ball. They like to cut on quick throws. They really just like to try to weigh you down all game, never stop coming and play until the echo of the whistle. That is what you would expect from that side of the ball, especially from a great coach like (Patriots Head Coach Bill) Belichick.”


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