DE Myles Garrett (11.1.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On the knee injury: 

“It is what it is. It is part of the game. You get hampered with things like that, and you just try to play through to the best that I can or best that I could. It just started wearing on me. Started going to third downs and then they were driving the field and we were in passing downs. Have to what it takes to get out there the run downs.”

On how the knee injury happened:

“I took a shot. I took a cut. It was one of the first plays, and from that first shot, it just kind of started just wearing on me.”

On playing with the injury in the second half:

“It was tough, but everybody’s is dealing with something… Just have to be better.”

On the Raiders’ time of possession and what the Browns could have done to get them off the field:

“We have to bow up. We gave them too many manageable third downs by allowing them to rush well on first and second downs, and it came back to bite us. We could not get off the field. They were better and stronger up front.”

On if the knee injury is related to the ankle injury:

“No, that is its own issue. Just have to take care of both during the bye week.”

On if the Browns’ injuries impacted today’s result:

“We are not going to start now using excuses. It is a next man up league. Whatever happens on whatever team, you just have to take advantage of that. They took advantage of me being out and some of the guys we did have out. It is credit to them. They had a gameplan, and they succeeded in going through with it and executing it. We just have to move on to the next week or the week after that and get better.”

On the Raiders’ efficiency on offense:

“We let them get through the front four or front five a little bit too easy. He (Raiders RB Josh Jacobs) was squeezing through and getting up to the backers and linebackers without having to change direction and having to slow down. Those are tough tackles to make. We just have to be better.”

On the Browns’ 5-3 record at the bye and if the team can regroup after the loss:

“This is not a question on whether we can regroup. Nobody is going worried about this two weeks from now. It is just about getting the guys that we need back healthy and coming back and executing our gameplan. We did not execute today, and they did.”

On the severity of his knee injury, particularly given he returned to the game in the second half:

“As long as I can walk on it or run on it, I am going to try to play on it. No matter how it feels the next two weeks, I will try to be out there unless they make a point of holding me out.”

On if he has an idea on the specifics of the injury:

“No, we will be able to see tomorrow.”

On how close he was to a strip-sack on the first defensive series:

“I can’t recall. My right hand is numb because I took a numbing shot for something else that has been going on this year. I thought I got enough of it to get it away from him and I had the tackle hanging on my back, but I thought I had a good shot on him, but he was able to slip through and he made a good play.”

On if he touched Raiders QB Derek Carr’s arm or the ball on the play:

“I am pretty sure I got the ball, but we will be able to see tomorrow.”

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