DE Myles Garrett (10.21.22)


On his shoulder:

“I am feeling good enough to play. I know JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney) is, too, so we will both be looking forward to going out there and making a difference.”


On if facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is a unique challenge in the NFL:

“Absolutely because he is a top-five athlete but also a top-five quarterback. He can really do it all, whether it is through the air or with his feet. He is dynamic, especially with their running game. It is tough to handle. There are a lot of things you have to account for, and you have to be able to play by certain rules to get the result that you are looking for.”


On if there is any extra ‘juice’ when facing Jackson and the Ravens offense, knowing the challenge presented:

“It is a big challenge. Him, (Ravens T) Ronnie (Stanley) being back, them wanting to be a very physical team and they want to run the ball and try to play the game their way. That is the kind of football that we kind of do in the AFC North. They are kind of leading it right now with their mentality and him able to run the ball, as well. We would like to be able to put that notch on our belt.”


On S John Johnson III’s comment about some players needing to be more committed to the task at hand even when outside of the building if he sees the same:

“At times, but I think we can all be better as leaders and as followers. I don’t think there should be a problem with leaders and followers changing between situation to situation. I can’t always lead. I am not always the right person to lead in certain situations. We all have to be able to serve each other to take it where we want to go.”


On who is responsible for correcting mistakes:

“It is on everyone. It always is. It is on the whole building to hold each other accountable. Young guys, vets and coaches, we all have a job to do and a duty to each other to hold each other accountable and make sure that going into the game you know exactly what to do. You have to know your job to be able to execute it. Once you get there, just be in the right place.”


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