DE Myles Garrett (10.18.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On how frustrating is today’s loss:

“They are a good team. We saw that. They were able to move the ball on us through the air and on the ground. They really had the pick of what they wanted. They just outplayed us on defense and offense. They just had our number today.”

On his conversation with Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin before the game and if they ‘cleared the air’ from last year:

“Talking to him had nothing to do with last year. Him, his brother, my mother and my uncle all went to school together in Virginia so we were just talking about that. I made a little joke about some phone games they had been playing, and that was it. He said, ‘Good luck, live your life, have fun and tell your mother I said hello.’

On whether or not the Steelers were harassing him on the field or trying to bait him into penalties:

“They did not do anything uncharacteristic of them. They were scheming to try and get me off my game. They were getting after all of us. They were chipping, and the guard was staying in and staying close. They were making it difficult for us on defense.”

On the Steelers seeming to run most of their plays away from his direction and if that is typical of the Steelers:

“I feel like they do. I feel like they have a tendency to do that. That is just a part of the gameplan. You don’t want to run at your best player. If you feel like you have that matchup and you can take it, then sure, but they were trying to run it the other way and they felt like they had a better chance of success over there. They were moving the ball wherever they wanted. They were able to do whatever they wanted.”

On how frustrating today’s game was for him personally:

“It is always frustrating after a loss, no matter who it is. They got [ahead in the game] and never let go. We better have their number next time.”

On whether today’s loss is an indicator of where the Browns are in the division, given the team’s loss to the Ravens earlier this year:

“It is one game. We will see them again and then you will be able to measure how we stack up against either of them. Until then, just leave it as it is. They had our number. We have a gameplan, we adjust, come back and we will be at full strength by then.”

On if today’s game did anything to take another step toward helping him move past what occurred last season:

“It is just a game to me. It is just about playing ball. With these guys, it was all love and it is all football. It just stays on the field and stays between the whistle. We did not have any problems. There was respect during and after the game…”

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