DE Myles Garrett (10.17.21)

On how to help get the defense where it needs to be:

“It is film study, watching last week, and watching this week. It is communication on the field after you have studied the film. Obviously, you practice what you see.”


On the lack of continuity of the defense:

“It is tough. We practice with everyone. Through training camp and throughout the year, everybody plays a role in practice. They have shown they can make big plays in games. Right now, we have to find ourselves. We are not rushing like we are supposed to. We are not covering like we are supposed to.”


On the frustration of four penalties on one drive:

“It is frustrating, of course. You can dispute the calls all you want. You are still out there. You still have to make a stop. It does not matter about the penalties. We cannot let that get to us or shake us. We have to step up and make a play.”


On if questionable penalties bothered some players:

“No. I just do not think we made the play we were supposed to. We cannot rely on the refs to be on our side any Sunday. We should never expect that. They are going to call what they are going to call. We have to be in a better position.”


On if the roughing the passer penalties called tonight enter his mind:

“No I am not worried about roughing the passer, landing on a guy or any of that. Go out and tackle the guy, and what happens, happens. You are never out there to hurt anyone or land on someone awkward.”