DE Myles Garrett (10.11.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On the safety:

“They had the momentum and were backed up. We needed a play to be made, and I am greedy when it comes to that. I want to make that big play. I want to make the play to put us over the top. Fortunately, I was able to. I was not able to get him (Colts QB Philip Rivers) down and take the ball away in the end zone for six, but we will take two and the ball.”

On if there was any doubt in his mind that the play would result in the safety with an intentional grounding call:

“Not at all. Whether he was going down, he did not have enough time.”

On how proud he is of where the team is at this point, given the team went 0-16 his rookie year:

“I do not recall ever going 0-16. I do not know what you are talking about (laughter).”

On the team being 4-1 and putting together something special to start the season:

“Just putting it together one game at a time. That is all you can do. It is not perfect, but we are making the best of it. We are coming together as a team and doing it all in every phase.”

On what does it mean for the Browns defense to get contributions from players who have not played as much at this point of the season like Ss Ronnie Harrison Jr. and Sheldrick Redwine:

“We have guys who suit up and put on their shorts just like anybody else. They are out there because they can make plays and they deserve to be on that field. They just had the opportunity to show it. Sheldrick went out there and made a big play. All those guys are out there to do the job to the best of their ability, and they did it in opportune times like that when we needed it.”

On if it was surprising that Redwine caught the interception:

“Not at all. He goes out for when he is called for, whether that is scout team, practice team or whether he was out there taking reps with the ones, twos, he gives us his all. Just to see him make those plays, that is not surprising at all.”

On if has been able to adjust over the last couple of years pertaining to potential roughing the passer penalties:

“Just staying aggressive. Trying to do my best to play the game within the rules and not cause the backlash of my play. I think we are all doing a great job. We are getting after the passer, but we are taking them down within the league’s mandated lay-down law that they have put in place.”

On if he feels like he picked off from where he was last season:

“Yes, I feel like I am starting to get hot right now, and I hope to continue that. I feel like we are all doing what we are supposed to on defense and offense to win these games. We cannot do it without them and we are putting them in the position to score those points. We are doing it all together.”

On how does he feel about having a sack to cause a turnover in four consecutive games:

“The strip-sack streak has ended, but the streak that matters [winning] is still going. Definitely happy about that, and I am going to try to go out there and be disruptive as much as I can, but it is on those guys – the rest of the line, the linebackers and DBs – they have been balling. They are just allowing me to be effective by making them move the ball and get me freed up for some one on ones and I have just been able to come up and make the plays that I made.”

On if it matters that the win was not pretty:

“No. I will take a win no matter how ugly it is.”

On how the game was trending in the fourth quarter:

“I thought the game was on us. I was never worried at all. At the end of the day, if they get the ball back, they have to go through us, and I like our chances against anybody.”

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