DE Myles Garrett (1.3.21)

DE Myles Garrett:

On how amazing it feels to bring this type of joy to the Browns and Browns fans:

“We are just paying them back for all of the time and the effort they have invested, just like us. They are just involved of being there, supporting us and cheering us on as we are out there getting the work done. It is a pleasure to finally really show them what they are doing is appreciated. We are just going to keep on rolling with the punches.”

On if it felt like it was more than 12,000 fans present today, given the love and excitement felt at FirstEnergy Stadium:

“There are hundreds of thousands, not just here. The 12,000 here, that was great, but there are so many Browns [fans] all over the world who were happy to see us get this win and finally get into the dance.”

On his emotions after clinching a playoff berth, particularly given the Browns did not win a game his rookie year:

“I have been waiting. It is not off yet. Everybody likes to get a ticket to the dance, but if you want to dance with the pretty girl, that means you have to make it to the end. We are trying to make it to the next game one by one, but we know where we are trying to get and we know where we want to go.”

On the rematch against the Steelers next week in the AFC Wild Card round, including with other Steelers players returning:

“They are going to have pretty much the same gameplan. You have some of their better guys filling some of the spots, but so are we. We will have some guys back showing up to make plays and being where we need them.”

On if he and QB Baker Mayfield shared a moment after the game as leaders of the team after earning a playoff berth:

“Definitely, we saw each other on the win in locker room. This is what we imagined. This is what we have been trying to do all along. Now, we are just trying to make it something that is year to year.”

On Mayfield’s run in the fourth quarter to seal the win:

“He is tough. I never had a doubt in my mind that he was going to fight for every yard and get that first down. When it was in his hands, I was sure we were going to be alright.”

On if he talked to Steelers QB Mason Rudolph after the game, given it appeared the two of them spoke after the game:

“I just told him good game – he played a hell of a game – and we will see you all in a week. He played tough. He had 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns. He played very well, and he kept them in it to the very end. Had to show a little praise that he did well in this game and he was able to make some big plays for them.”

On the Browns defense without five starters holding the Steelers offense to no TDs in the first half:

“I know they are missing some guys, but the same can be said for us. I am proud of how we responded. Especially the first half, we really jumped on them. We held them to three field goals in the first half. That is what we have to do. We have to hold them to either three points or none. We have to make it difficult for everything they get. If we can do that, we give our offense a chance and allow them to get on the field and hopefully put up more than what they are doing.”

On the Browns reaching the playoffs and what gives the team a chance in the postseason:

“Everybody has a shot any given Sunday. Making it to the playoffs means you are among the best of the best. It means you do at least something well in every phase of the ball. Just have to come and watch and see if we can do it. I am not here to try and convince anybody. I do it with my play, and we are going to do the same when we get the chance.”

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