DE Myles Garrett (1.17.21)

DE Myles Garrett:

Opening statement:

“Before we get started, I would like to say two things. One, I am definitely praying for (Chiefs QB) Patrick (Mahomes). I have known Pat since we were in high school. He has always been a great dude. I want to say that nobody on our team is head hunting, going after guys or trying to hurt a guy, no matter how good he is. We are praying for his recovery and praying for his success. He has always been a quality guy and the way he does stuff for the community. He is a leader on and off the field that you appreciate seeing, especially from a guy of that caliber and just always trying to be a positive force everywhere he goes. Second, I would like to say happy birthday to Muhamad Ali. I know he would have been 79 today. That was one of my role models. That was just a little bit of motivation for me, and he always has been. I would like to say that I’m proud of my guys. Before that question is even asked, I am proud of everything they have done this year. They fought, they battled and they made plays. We were one play away from being where we were supposed to be, but sometimes, that is just how it rolls. Those guys never stopped fighting offense on defense. That is what I am looking forward to next year to get another chance and being one play away and making it next time.”

On his oblique injury and when it occurred:

“I think around early second quarter I pulled my oblique. It definitely got worse. It hurt to pick up my feet and hurt to breath, but it is the playoffs. It is win or go home. If I was capable of going out there and giving it all I had, I was going to do that. I know they started to limit my snaps, but when I was getting the chance to get out there, I was going to make it happen because I know my guys are counting on me, and I know it is the same way it is reciprocated that I am counting on them to be where they’re supposed to be.”

On his mindset after the sack of Chiefs QB Chad Henne in the fourth quarter and Henne converting on that series when many expected the Chiefs to run a hard count or punt:

“Yeah, I thought they were going to run a play. They have offensive weapons all over the field. They are definitely going to take their shot and rally. They would rather take their shot than have to play on their back foot and give us another shot at going to the end zone. I know they are a confident on offense and rightfully so. Chad made a great play. After the sack, I was just worried about trying to get my breath back and make another. We knew that it was going to come down to another passing play. He felt the pressure and got out of there. He was able to get close enough for them to get the conversion on the next play. He did what he was supposed to do.”

On what stings most about today’s loss:

“It came down to us on defense, and we let it slip. We had two opportunities – they came to third down twice and fourth down on the second one, and we didn’t make it happen. It was right in front of us, and this time, we didn’t get it done.”

On if there was a time in the game where he truly felt the Browns were going to get the job done today:

“After our last score, we felt like we had a puncher’s chance. We came out fighting and fought ourselves out of the corner just see where we are at the end of it. We fought ourselves into having an opportunity to win the game, and they were able to get away with a win. That is what makes them great. They were able to do the things they needed to win the game. Maybe next year, one play away and we will get it done. We have to focus our offseason on recovering, getting better and keeping this core together because we have a good team.”

On defending Wilson in his opening statement and if people are accusing Wilson of a dirty hit:

“I know what they were saying on the field. Some of the guys felt like that. I know (Chiefs TE) Travis (Kelce) felt like that, and I am cool with Travis. He is a good guy. Hung out with him a couple of times in the offseason. I don’t ever want him to feel like my guys or my team is out here trying to injure somebody or put them out of the game. We are trying to put some bruises on you and trying to hurt you, but we are never trying to injury someone or take them out purposefully. We are trying to play it how it is supposed to be played with sportsmanship and integrity.”

On clarification on which Chiefs player felt that way:

“Travis said that. He is passionate. That is his guy. He is always rolling with Pat.”

On if he can appreciate in the moment how far the team came this season, despite today’s loss:

“I can appreciate my guys. I can appreciate what they did and how proud I am of them for the effort that they put in and the results we got. Am I happy with the result? No. I am never happy with losing. We are always trying to go to the very end and be there. At the end of the day, it was not in the cards for us and we did not get it done, but we get another opportunity and have another chance. Most of these guys are pretty young. We have a young core. We go back, keep building on what we have this year and take another crack at it.”

On how he feels about this Browns team going forward:

“You all have seen that we have a hell of a team all around. We are out here to prove ourselves and anything we set ourselves to or that we think we can do, we are not trying to impose any limit or standards for us that keep us from going as far as anybody else says we can do. We can make it to [the AFC Championship] and we showed that. We showed that we can go to the AFC Championship. We were just one play away. We just have to make that play. They were able to get it done, but I like our odds next year just because we have a lot of guys here that are young and we can keep getting better.”

On the Browns making uncharacteristic mistakes during today’s game:

“They get paid, too. They are a good team. They had two weeks to scheme us up and push us a little bit off balance and make us look a little bit uncharacteristic. They were doing things the first few plays that were unlike what we were seeing. We just have to roll with the punches and start going with the things that got us here. That is what we did that, and we were right there at the door.”

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