DE Myles Garrett (1.15.21)

DE Myles Garrett:

On having most Browns players and coaches return to the building after being out due to COVID-19 protocols, particularly G Joel Bitonio: 

“It is good to have everybody back. I love having a complete team. All of the guys that you relied on during the season, they have always come up big, especially Bitonio, a Pro Bowler and definitely one of the most elite guards. Just having his presence as a leader on the offense and his ability to block whoever in pass and run, that is something you can’t put a value on.”

On if he feels like he is due to have a big play in this week’s game, given he hasn’t recently had a splash play like the several early in the season: 

“Absolutely. This should be the game to do it. One of the best teams in the league, if not the best team in the league, but they have to go in there and they have to prove it, and we have to prove that we can battle with anybody.”

On people still doubting that the Browns are capable of beating the Chiefs despite last week’s win: 

“You have to prove what you are worth day in and day out. No team and no person individually was treated or held in high regard until they proved that every time they showed up. We just have to clock in and show what we are worth every time we are asked to. Every time those lights are on and we are on the field, we have to show that we are a great team. Here is another opportunity to show that.”

On what it will take for others to believe in the Browns’ ability to beat top teams if they did not see last week’s win at Pittsburgh as proof: 

“That is just one game. It takes more than one outing. We have to keep proving it, not only to them but to ourselves. We have to make it routine, like the Patriots dynasty. Guys just assumed they were winning every time they looked at the schedule. We have to get that same kind of mentality here.”

On if he is more sore or tired after last week’s game when he was double or triple-teamed for most of the contest: 

“Yeah, I would say so. I was really tired after the last game, knowing that they threw the ball 60-plus times and I was double-teamed on the majority of those. It definitely takes a toll on you during the game having to fight against multiple people. You just have to know that your time will come. I got close a couple times, but like I said before, I am due.”

On the challenge preparing to face Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: 

“The guy is great with his feet and he is great throwing off of the run. He can make plays in any part of the field so we have to be prepared for that. Do not jump for those ball fakes. If you take your shot at him, make it clean and try to take the ball away from him. The best place to be on the field with Patrick is with the ball in our hands instead of him because he is great with it.”

On if he relishes the opportunity to face an elite QB like Mahomes, who is one of the most recognized players in the NFL: 

“He is kind of regarded as the face of the league right now. He goes right up there with (Rams DT) Aaron Donald as the two faces that people see as the best on offense and defense. I want him to be able to go home when he has his kid or kids and tell them that he went against Myles Garrett. It is not just me versus him – it is the Browns versus the Chiefs – but individually, I like to leave an impression on everybody I go against.”

On if Mahomes’ deep drop-back changes anything for him as a pass rusher: 

“I think he is deceptive with his deep drop-back. He does it because he has the arm to make up for it, but he also drops back that far and then steps up two or three more yards so that you are bending pretty much at a fishhook angle to get back to him. You really have to kind of anticipate what he is going do. You can’t always think he is going to step back deep because he either steps shallow or he steps up so you have to be ready to counter back or to push into one of the other three guys or two guys on the line. He has his own style, and I think we are prepared.”

On DE Porter Gustin’s diving interception last week:

“It was a hell of a play… When he dives for it and makes the play, I am like ‘What the hell?’ I did not think he was going to make it either, but that was kind of just the name of the game last week. Guys making those extra effort, big time plays to put us out up front.”

On the team consistently saying it is not satisfied with just being in the playoffs or beating the Steelers:

“We are here. We might as well be great. Nobody is excited about just getting a ticket to the dance. Like I said, you want to dance with the pretty girl. You want to shoot your shot, and the worst she can say is no. As long as you go out there and you take your best shot, you will be proud of the result, but we are not satisfied until we see how far we can get.”

On the team’s strong belief in itself:

“I do not think you would step on the field unless you believe in yourself. You do not get here doubting yourself, your ability and your teammates, especially not in the playoffs. These guys believe in themselves because they have proven it time and time again that they deserve to be here and they have made the plays that they needed to make. As long as you are here, you can go as far as you want to go as long as you put the work in and prepare.”

On what he is expecting from QB Baker Mayfield on Sunday:

“To do Baker things. Be the gun slinger as he has been. He is going to make those special plays with his feet and he is going to make those big time throws. Right now, he is hot. It just has to be something that he continues obviously.”

On what has this week been like for him personally and how the team has reacted to a more normal practice schedule:

“I think we are happy to get back to a regular routine. It has been up and down and it has been hectic around here, but everybody likes when you have uniformity in what you are doing and consistency to the work you are putting in. Guys just want to be able to take care of their bodies, get in and be preparing like they would for any other game. Guys adjusted very well last week, but now that they are getting back to what they have been doing, guys are a little bit more locked in on the task at hand.”

On the lift of CB Denzel Ward returning to the Browns defense this week:

“He is a game-changer. Guys really do not like to throw his way, and when they do, he is there. Whether it is with a pick or with a PBU, he finds a way to frustrate quarterbacks and wide receivers. That is invaluable on any team.”

On RB Kareem Hunt returning to Kansas City and the emotions Hunt will have facing his former team:

“He wants to go back to the stadium and the team that drafted him. He wants to have a great game, but he wants to win. I think any of us would want to do that. We are going to try to do our best to win the game, not just for him but for us and for the city. This is for everyone involved, not just for one person. It is definitely in our hearts and in our mind, but I know he will be focused on the task at hand. He is not going to go do anything out of the ordinary. He is going to play his game, and we are going to play together and we are going to play sound football so that we can get the job done, and at the end of the day, we can all achieve what we want.”

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