DE Jadeveon Clowney (9.17.21)


On playing in front of Browns fans for the first time:

“I have been playing in front of them all of camp. They have definitely been out here. I am looking forward to it again. We had the [Orange & Brown Practice]. I am looking forward to it.”


On if the fans at the Orange & Brown Practice and training camp gave him a taste for what a full crowd will be like on Sunday:



On if there is any added emphasis for him because the game is against his former team or if not because the personnel is so different:

“It is the second game on the schedule. Let’s just get the win.”


On if was double-teamed a lot despite playing with DE Myles Garrett on the other side of the line:

“No, not really. They got the ball out fast.”


On his Browns debut in Week 1:

“For not playing in about 10 months, I could have taken some plays back and wanted some plays back. It is about improving each week. It is not [about] one week. I have 16 weeks to improve, and I am looking forward to it.”


On if it was a ‘weird build-up to the game’ after missing a few practices and trying to get healthy enough to play:

“Yeah, I told them that my chest was kind of burning. It was still hot a little bit, but I was trying to be out there and go. Trying to get better for this week.”


On the Browns defense’s performance in Week 1:

“For us not to be together all on the field until that first time on Sunday, we definitely have room for improvement, but there are some highlights that we did good or did bad on.”