DE Jadeveon Clowney (8.4.21)

On if he feels like he is off to a strong start to training camp:

“I am just happy to be in camp. It has been a while – a few years now. I am looking forward to this training camp, getting out here with the guys and getting back into football.”


On how different it is to be at training camp to start the season:

“It is very different. Like I said, I have not been in a while. Just getting acclimated with the pads. I am happy about it because I hated jumping into the season Week 1 and just putting pads on hitting. I can get out here, get my hands going, get back in tune with my body and know the playbook. It is very good to be out here and get going.”


On if he believes he can have a ‘career year’ this season at this point in his career:

“I think I had rough start to my career. I started off with the worst injury I could think of with the microfracture. I have just been getting better throughout my career as far as getting healthy. I had probably one of the best offseasons I have had working out. I am looking for a big year, and with the guys around me, that can happen.”


On if there is a sense to where he might be flying under the radar with his potential despite not being able to do so early in his career:

“I really do not care. I do not care about that. I just focus on myself, getting better, learning the playbook, getting out here with the guys and focusing on the team. I think we have a good team and can do big things if we just all come together and play well.”


On the experience playing for four teams in four years:

“Sometimes I decided to pick teams on my own and move on from teams. It is not like they kicked me off and I went back. It is part of the game. It is different. Like I said, this is probably the best change that I have had as far as getting involved with the team before I just got to them in one year. I am looking for a big outcome out of that this year.”


On appearing to be having fun and looking sharp at training camp and how he feels health-wise relative to other points in his NFL career:

“I think when you are healthy, you have a lot of fun. When you have been playing for seven years and I have been dealing with injuries seven years, it is kind of not fun being out there, but when you are taking care of your body, you are in good health and you know what you love, I think it is fun and exciting to be out there moving around and feeling good.”


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