DE Jadeveon Clowney (6.16.22)

On why he decided to re-sign with the Browns:

“I thought I played well here last year, and I feel like I can get better and pick off from what I did last year. Then my boy came here, (QB) Deshaun (Watson).”


On if Watson joining the Browns had a lot to do with his decision to re-sign with the Browns:

“Yeah, I talked to him a few times before he signed and after he signed. We stayed in touch during the whole little thing about coming here. If he comes or if I come, what is going to happen? I told him if he goes then I will follow him over here and I will go back. That is what it came down to.”


On DE Myles Garrett recruiting him back to Cleveland, as well:

“For sure. That is my boy. Me and him do some good things together. We got along well. We played well together. We fed off of each other. Come here and do the same thing again this year, even better because that was our first year, we did not know each other like that and we got a good thing going from last year. Try to keep going this year.”


On building off his first year playing with Garrett:

“It is not necessarily just him. It is the whole total defense to me. Not just playing with him but our whole linebacker core was new to me, and everybody is back. To have the guy behind you already know how he feels and what he likes to do, it makes it easier on myself. I can look back there and say I do not have to ask because I already know what he does. That is what makes it a lot better playing with the same guys again instead of bouncing around and trying to figure out new guys on the way.”


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