DE Chase Winovich (9.1.22)


On returning to practice after recovering from a hamstring injury:

“It felt great. It was one of those things that you do not necessarily account for and you do not wish happens, but injuries are a process of discovery as much as they are a process of recovery. It sucked not being out there, but it was great to be able to go and get my feet wet again.”


On his reaction to sustaining the hamstring injury and missing time during training camp, which was a similar experience to what occurred last year with the Patriots:

“I think it is two things. No. 1, I am a veteran, and this is going into my fourth season here so I have played a lot of football, and there are only so many looks you can get playing that outside backer/defensive end role. Coming back, it is football; it is what I do. When it comes to injuries, setbacks and stuff, I think sometimes you get presented with situations that are not necessarily what you ask for but are what you need. I am a spiritual person so sometimes these things are part of the bigger picture that you can’t yet understand. Each time, they have put me in positions and have ultimately gave me exactly what I needed to learn at the time. Injuries are not fun, but I am just going to keep coming back. It is what I do.”


On how different his role is in the Browns defense compared to the Patriots defense:

“It is a little different. There are certain roles and responsibilities that are different, but ultimately when it comes down to defense and every man doing their job, I felt that New England prepared me for that role very well. When it comes to playing football, like I said earlier, it is what I do. Ultimately, the fundamentals, rushing the passer, setting the edge and all of that stuff comes down to technique and obviously knowledge of your opponent. Those things are transferrable anywhere you go.”


On his last season with the Patriots with lower snap counts and statistics:

“I do not know if now is the time to talk about that as it is in the past. Going into the season, it does not help missing camp. I think a lot of that stuff is earned roles, and I missed the first few weeks of camp after coming back from the surgery. I certainly do not think that helped. There are a lot of things that go into playing time besides just your athletic ability or how well you can play. I just can only control what I can control. As I was saying earlier, sometimes these things are not understood to us in the moment, but by having faith and just trusting that everything will work out, it always has for me so far and it has led me here talking to you nice people. It all works out.”


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