DE Chase Winovich (1.2.23)



On his sack yesterday:

“We were running a stunt. Just based on his footwork, I kind of had a feeling for what he was going to do in terms of just like blocking down. It is one of things you practice. (Defensive line) Coach Kiff (Chris Kiffin) helps work on my technique and stuff. Just made a play and then saw the running back and saw the quarterback, and said, ‘There is no way I am letting this guy block me.’ I got to him. When I did, I knew the cavalry was coming so I had to get him down quick if I wanted the full sack. I did, thankfully. It was a great moment. It was a long time coming. It was a little bit of a…  I have been through a lot these past two years, trying to get back and get that sack again. Finally, I got it. We were talking building up to it what the sack celebration was going to be. I had a lot of people ask me. I don’t know if you guys have seen the old school telephones where you spin the dial, you spin the dial back and you spin the dial again, and made a phone call to whoever created the universe – call him God if you want – and just give him thanks just to be healthy, to be able to play the game I love and to be out there with my teammates.”


On if getting the sack yesterday ‘felt like a weight off his shoulders’:

“Yeah, it feels really good. I have just been telling myself, ‘I just need one. I just need one.’ That is what I have been saying. ‘I just got to get one here.’ Like I am sure most of you guys maybe can relate to in terms of writing, it is like sometimes the first couple of sentences are the hardest. It is like once you get to the point where you can get one, it is like you have learned enough about the game and you have watched enough tape. I have gotten lots of sack in my career, but this game evolves. It is different. It is like every team is different, every scheme that you are on is different and every week is different. I enjoy the challenge. Yeah, it felt great getting the sack. It felt great being back out there getting the W. Just keep it rolling. Healthy. Amen.”


On the significance of playing the season finale at Pittsburgh, who still is in postseason contention:

“First of all, I am from Pittsburgh the suburbs – shoutout to Thomas Jefferson (High School) – so this is a really cool game for me. I never made it to the district championship which is played at Heinz Field so this is my first time actually playing at the field so this is really exciting for a couple of different reasons. On the Browns notes as a Browns player – I don’t want to say I am contractually obligated – I definitely feel some sort of obligation as a Browns player to try to win this game with everything that is on the line. I really look forward to that opportunity.”


On challenges when not being able to get off the field on third down as the Commanders sustained a 21-play TD drive:

“It is obviously a long drive. Historically long. I think they said it is the longest or tied for the longest since 1993, which is a pretty crazy stat. However, I thought the defense played really well. We created turnovers. Obviously, it wasn’t perfect. They had a lot to play for and their playoff hopes. There is just a different vibe when in my experience playing against teams and players that have something to play for typically, whether it is a playoff atmosphere or a big game versus when games might not mean as much. I thought we went out there, and we battled hard despite the fact that we don’t have the playoffs to contend for. To just keep coming and keep going, it was pretty awesome. Yeah, they had one drive – shoutout to them for just keeping it going, dinking and dunking down the field, a couple of yards here and a couple of yards there. It was what it was.”


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