DE Alex Wright (12.22.22)


On if he has ever played in weather conditions similar the ones expected on Saturday:

“No, this is by far the worst or the coldest I have ever played in my life.”


On expectations for Saturday’s game in the elements:

“It is going to be cold, but it is football at the end of the day. It is not like I am going to be out there just shivering. I am going to have football on my mind, and I am going to be locked in. It is not going to be a big thing at the end of the day. We are just out there playing football.”


On his plans to combat the cold temperatures with hand warmers or if he will simply tough it out:

“It depends. I just have to go in with the mindset, ‘It is not cold. It is not cold. It is not cold.” We are going to see on Saturday. If it gets real cold, then I am out there with two or three (laughter). Other than that, I just have to stay focused on the task at hand, and I don’t really try to just think about the weather.”


On if he plans to wear short or long sleeves:

“I am wearing long sleeves. That just goes along with being able to feel good and play and be confident and not have any type of distractions.”


On Browns fans enduring the cold on Christmas Eve to cheer on the team:

“That just shows you how much they love Cleveland football. They are just real loyal fans. We are loyal to them, and they are loyal to us. They are a support system. Without Cleveland fans, it wouldn’t be Cleveland football.”


On filling the role of DE Jadeveon Clowney, who was ruled out of Saturday’s game with a concussion:

“I have before so this is nothing new. It is always just the next man up mentality. Just going out there, execute our gameplan and the rest will sort itself out.”


On his performance last week after Clowney left the game:

“Like I said, just next man up. When he went down, you can’t hide from it so somebody has to step up. I feel like we all did in a certain way, not just me but the whole room. When one is down, the job is still not done so we still have to go about it.”


On if his mindset was to make a big play after being called for a penalty last week:

“Yeah, always. You can’t just linger your head on something bad. If you linger on it, then the bad plays will keep coming and keep coming. I just had to tell myself just next play, it happened and there is nothing I can do about it so just next play do what you can do.”


On the coldest game he has ever played in his career:

“Probably the Conference USA Championship game in 2020 in Marshall. I remember it was cold. We had the heaters. The second half I don’t know what happened, but we came out and there were no heaters. We just did what we could. We just buddied up and just dealt with it. Like I said, we just went out there and played, and we ended up winning. I think it was like 29 that game.”


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