DC Joe Woods (10.1.20)

Defensive coordinator Joe Woods:

On challenges facing the Cowboys offense: 

“There is a lot of stuff. I think the biggest focus when you play a team like this is it is about how you execute. There are some different things that you want to do to try to take away some of the stuff they do well, but the biggest thing for us is everybody doing their job and really just executing the defensive plan to be honest with you.”

On what has impressed him about Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s performance this season: 

“He is really… I have coached against him. The last time was a couple years ago. He reminds me from how he runs the offense like a (Colts QB) Philip Rivers. He does a lot of checks at the line of scrimmage just getting them into the proper runs and the right pass routes. He has really developed. When you watch him, he has complete command of the offense. He is throwing a ball with accuracy, and then when you cover them and you do it all right, then he runs. He is really doing a good job. We are going to have our hands full.”

On how the ability to move DE Myles Garrett around helps the Browns DL and defense: 

“It really helps because offensively, teams are going to plan for him. When you move him around, if they plan on sliding protection to him or chipping him, when you move him around, it creates problems for them because they do not know exactly where he is going to be. It also gives our other guys an opportunity to get some one on ones. Moving him around has been beneficial for us so we are going to continue to do that.”

On if Garrett has the freedom to decide where he lines up on the DL: 

“No, we control that. We have good plans. (Defensive line) Coach (Chris) Kiffin does a good job coming up with different creative ways to get Myles free but also to get our D line free, as well.”

On what the Browns are expecting from Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, who has not had a breakout game yet this season, and not potentially being lulled into a false sense of security with Elliott’s numbers so far this year: 

“Yeah, I promise you that is not the case. We know we have a big challenge ahead of us. When you watch his runs, guys will hit him at the line of scrimmage, but when the run is over it is nine yards, 10 yards or 12 yards. Ge has not really gotten the big one that everybody is looking for consistently, but all his runs, he is getting good chunks of yards. He runs with good balance. He has power. We really have to get a lot of guys to the ball and gang tackle him, and we definitely do not want this game to be his breakout game.”

On what this game means to Garrett going back home to play in Arlington: 

“He has not said anything about it. I do not know if he has talked to the guys on the team about it, but he has not said anything to me at this point. I just think he is looking forward to the challenge playing a really good football team.”

On how much the Cowboys four WRs could tax the Browns DBs this week with Cowboys WR Cedrick Wilson having a big game last week, particularly with CBs Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams battling recent injuries:

“It creates issues. You have to account for it and just have something prepared if they want to come out and do that so we will be ready for that. Yeah, some of their receivers, you see from just watching, who is No. 11 (Cowboys WR Cedric Wilson)? You see him making big plays and it is like, ‘Who is that guy? I know about the other guys.’ They are very deep at receiver and they are very talented, but that is the NFL. I have coached DBs for a long time. You do not get a break so it is the next challenge. Our guys have stepped up and played well. They will look forward to the challenge, and hopefully, we can play well.”

On what led to S Jovante Moffatt being elevated to the active roster:
“Really that is a better question for AB (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry). From our standpoint defensively, we like who he is as a young player. He has versatility. He played multiple positions for us throughout training camp so we feel like he has a bright future. You never know with injuries and things of that nature, he may have to be a guy that we bring up sooner than later.”

On challenges preparing for Sunday without knowing if Ward will be able to play:

“Hopefully, he is fine. We are going to get him out on the field today. I know he battled through some injuries in training camp and some little nagging injuries also the last game. I think if we can get him out there the next two days and he moves around pretty well, that will bode well for us. If he is not available, it is just next man up. That is all you can really say because you can’t protect everybody. You just have to go in with a good scheme and put guys in the best position you feel they can have success.”

On how CB Kevin Johnson did in his first game last week:

“He had a little rust. There was a little rust. He did some good things. He just has not played in a long time so getting back out there and just getting the feel for the speed of the game, he did some good things, but he will definitely make some improvements going into this week.”

On if LB Mack Wilson will receive more defensive reps this week:

“Yeah, that is the plan is to get him more reps. We have a plan for him in base also and sub-defense. With those guys coming back, we really did not want to put too much on them. Kevin probably had a few more reps than we would like for him to have when Denzel came out, but we will definitely get Mack some more reps this week.”

On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. and Harrison preparing to earn more defensive reps:

“We are moving in that direction. It is just his comfort with the defense. He is picking up pretty fast. He is very intelligent. It is really just the game reps and getting him out there because games are a lot different than practice. We do have a plan to get him on the field more and kind of evaluate where he is, and hopefully, we can continue to do that and make him more part of our defense.”

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