Colts QB Philip Rivers (10.11.20)

Colts QB Philip Rivers:

On today’s game: 

“Yeah, we started off pretty dang good. Really that first half, we weren’t great but we were pretty good. In the first half, we had three possessions and finished one off – the first one with a touchdown, the second three and the third one obviously a three-and-out. I’m not saying we were great in the first half by and means but felt pretty good. Then the second half, it wasn’t good at all. The interception for a touchdown killed us. The other one, I wish had back as well. Although, in that exact situation, yeah, we could pin them down in there and we have to score twice. I don’t hate that one as much. I don’t like any of them. Obviously, the safety hurt, as well. Give a good team, especially that offense, nine [points], and then our D really bowed up in the second half and played well enough to win. Offensively, we didn’t do enough to win. Obviously, I have told you guys before we need to score one more point than the other team to win, and we didn’t get that done. Definitely disappointing at the end of the day. Certainly not the way we thought it was going to go today, but it did, and we have to bounce back in a hurry. Can’t sulk around too long.”

On how the safety: 

“It was one of those deals obviously I wish looking back maybe I could have bought a little more time and then thrown it away. (Colts TE) Jack (Doyle) was coming fairly in somewhat vicinity of where I threw it. It just wasn’t there yet obviously. I wish I would have stepped up and bought a little more time, but when you are in your own end zone, you aren’t as comfortable doing that. Obviously, a tough play all the way around.”

On what is holding the Colts offense back:

“I don’t know. Little mistakes here and there. All throughout the game, the effect of those is what is keeping us from scoring a bunch of points. Who cares about stats? There is only one stat that matters, and that scoring more points. We have done enough in the last three weeks, but we didn’t today. Some of the key statistics – let me backtrack a little bit – obviously directly affect turnovers, mainly turnovers. Obviously, we wish we were better on third down, but if we didn’t turn the ball over, we probably win the game.”

On whether his confidence has decreased at this point in his career:

“No. Like I said, in the first half, we were throwing the ball all over the place. Hit two chunk plays to (Colts WR) Marcus (Johnson) and (Colts WR) Ashton (Dulin). We were moving good. Then we made a few plays here and there in the second half but just not consistent enough, again, with the pick-six and the safety. Great job with our special teams and the kick return. We just couldn’t overcome it. We just weren’t good enough today. I don’t really have a lot of words to explain it, other than we weren’t good enough. Those things happen, and you regroup and go on to the next one.”

On whether there are any trends with the team’s red zone struggles:

“No. We just haven’t executed well enough. If we knew the exact answer, we would have already solved it.”

On what happened on the first interception:

“It just wasn’t a good play. That is about the only explanation you are going to get.”

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