Colts LB Bobby Okereke (10.11.20)

Colts LB Bobby Okereke:


On what was said at halftime and what changes were made to turn it around in the second half:

“We were really just playing more disciplined defense. We knew we wanted to stop the run. We did a decent job of that in the first half. They were getting us in some boots and some deep shots, so we adjusted to that. We tried to get back to playing us. We thought we started well. We just were not able to finish it out.”


On the difficulty of catching a ball with a cast and making it through the game with his thumb injury:

“I made it through well. Obviously, the pick was fun with the cast. I was just trying to do my job for the team. I just want to be out there doing the best I can.”


On whether it was questionable that he would play this week:

“In my mind, no. It would have had to take a doctor to tell me that I was not going to play, but I knew that I wanted to play. I wanted to help this team however I could.”


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