Colts LB Anthony Walker (10.11.20)

Colts LB Anthony Walker:

On what the defense learned in the first half to change in the second against the Browns:

“A lot of plays, we felt like we were right there. A couple plays we just gave up. Great catches by those guys. Again, this is the NFL. They are going to make plays. They get paid just like we do. Sometimes, the ball does not bounce your way and we knew that if we kept fighting, we were going to get a couple of those plays to go our way. We were able to make a couple of those in the second half. Not enough to win the game, but proud of the way we played as a team. I feel like we beat ourselves a little bit. Obviously, they made some plays, but we beat ourselves a couple times and we cannot do that against great opponents.”


On his relationship with LB Bobby Okereke and playing together:

“He is smart. He can make every call. He is a leader on the field. With (LB) Darius (Leonard) down, we always want our big-time players on the field. I thought we were able to step up a little bit and make some plays. It is a 60-minute game. I felt like the first 30 minutes, we gave up some tough ones. Some communication breakdowns, some plays they just made and we have to correct that and keep fighting. That is what this league is. It is hard to win in the NFL. Back to the drawing board and we will be ready to go next week.”


On their balanced effort to stop the run:

“Every week the goal is to stop the run and put it in the quarterback’s hands. We feel if we do that, we will win. They made great plays. Two of the best to play the game 80 (Browns WR Jarvis Landry) and 13 (Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.). They made some great catches and great plays. Great scheme plays by their offense, as well. We fought. We do not [get] any more victories, but to see us fight and guys not waiver—I love that. We did not flitch at all. They were making great catches, but we did not waiver and we did not flinch. We come back in the second half and make some huge stops. Bobby with the huge interception and Rock (CB Rock Ya-Sin) with the huge third-down coverage on 13 (Beckham Jr.). We fought. We are hurting right now, because we lost, but a lot of positives to take away from it, as well.”


On containing Browns QB Baker Mayfield in the second half:

“That is a very good question. That is a mobile quarterback. You have to be able to keep him in the pocket, coordinate the rush with blitz’s or rushing with four. He is special talent, as well, being able to move in the pocket and find open guys. It is a challenge. We always say this is the NFL. Guys get paid just like we do, some even more for that reason. We understand that and we love the challenge. Obviously, he was able to get out a few times and others times we were able to get him down or throw some error throws. We have to keep fighting and keep learning from it.”



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