Colts C Ryan Kelly (10.11.20)

Colts C Ryan Kelly:

On how he thinks they handled Browns DE Myles Garrett:

“I thought (Colts OT) La’Raven (Clark) stepped in, in such an important role by playing left tackle and did an incredible job. Myles is a great rusher. They are a good defense. I think there were a few plays, we had that one in the third quarter where we finally got the run game going. We really pounded them. I think if we could have capitalized on that a little bit earlier, but obviously, the speed of the game dictates what plays get called. I think in the running game, we were lacking in the last couple weeks, so it was good to get it going. I think if we could have gotten it going a little bit earlier—that’s on us. If the players execute what is called and we can stay out of those obvious passing situations and maybe have them on their heels a little bit more. I know I am kind of going on a rant, but that is kind of the way I saw the game. I thought La’Raven, (OT) Braden (Smith), everybody protected really well. Obviously, when they know it is pass, they are going to turn it on. I am sure that we will see some things that we liked and did not like and just keep getting better.”


On whether the offense has gotten in sync:

“I guess I agree and disagree. There are certain points where I think that we are really gelling and coming off the ball. We are really playing 11 as one. There are other times where maybe just one guy here or there and we just do not execute. Those, unfortunately, are the untimely plays that we are making when the defense needs us the most, when they get us the ball back. Not executing in the red zone has been such a burden for us right now. Not going down there and getting six is hurting us. That is obviously something we need to get better at. Look, we are 3-2. There is next week. It is a long season. We will be fine.”


On his level of frustration with the run game:

“They get paid, to0. It is not easy in this league. I do think we had six to eight plays there in the first quarter where we were really running the ball. We were getting good double teams and it feels good getting us in great checks. That one holding call, I did not like that one. There are things here and there. That is the way the game goes, and We have just got to be better. I can be better on certain plays. I really do think we took a step in the run game today. It did not show, because we were playing a little bit behind. We did not start off as hot as we wanted to, but I think if you go back and look at the game, there were some positives in the run game that we are going to keep hanging our hat on and getting better.”


On his health after getting up a little slow after a play:

“300-pounders falling everywhere. I will be alright.”

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