CB Troy Hill (9.27.21)


On if yesterday’s performance is what the Browns defense envisioned when joining with the team, along with other offseason additions:

“Definitely, especially when I came here this offseason and you started to see everybody that we were getting and the talent that they already had here. We just have to keep putting it together. It is a long season. We just have to keep putting it together and keep building, trying to find our rhythm right now. That is a great place where we started yesterday. We will keep building and getting better week by week.”


On his perspective of DE Myles Garrett’s performance:

“Man, pay that man again. That is the only thing I kept thinking is ‘Pay that man again.’ Go get him some more money at that point. That is dominance at its finest. He makes our job easy back there. You have to love when pass rushers get after it like that. The whole D line was out there. They played together, and they did their thing. I am excited about that.”


On CB Greg Newsome II’s performance to start the season:

“Greg has been balling. He has been putting it together every week. Like I said, the whole defense, week by week, we are just trying to keep getting better. It is a long season. He has been doing his thing. As a rookie, he does not really seem like a rookie. He takes everything, learns fast and puts his technique down. He is a fierce competitor. He has been doing his thing out there. I am excited about his journey.”


On seeing the final defensive statistics and if he could sense that during the game:

“I looked up on the sideline once, and I am like, ‘One yard passing?’ You never realize during the game those sacks take away from the passing yards. Obviously, we were out there strapping stuff, but when you look up and you see one yard passing, I have never been a part of that in my whole life. That is just the dominance that we were having out there. Like I said, we just have to keep building on it and keep coming out there week by week and doing our thing. That has to be history, if you ask me. I do not think anyone ever did that.”


On how the Browns defense carries the dominant performance into the coming weeks:

“Practice. Start with practice and then practice, practice, stay mentally tapped in and having that focus on the fine details of things that we are doing in the gameplan, playing together and keep building that camaraderie that we have. It is going to keep coming. We are starting to understand who we are as a team and things like that on the defense. We just have to keep putting it together. It is early in the season. It starts with practice. It starts with just keep on getting better. The conditioning in those first couple of games is always a little different. We just have to keep building like that and stacking those bricks.”



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