CB Troy Hill (8.7.21)

On his first training camp with a new team:

“It is exciting. It is definitely different from being in L.A. and you have to adjust to some different things, but I am having a blast. I am enjoying it. I almost feel like a rookie out here – I am having fun.”


On CB Greg Newsome II:

“He is going to be a great player. He is going to be a star in the making. He is really humble. He definitely wants to be great. I see the work ethic in him, too. I am excited to be a part of his journey and at the start of his journey. I am excited to be here.”


On if he recognized those traits of Newsome from Day 1:

“Yeah, for sure. I see the way he was going about trying to get his technique down and everything. I definitely see the greatness in him.”


On the competition among the DBs and between the DBs and WRs:

“It is always going to be good competition in camp. My years in the league, sometimes they know exactly at type of defense you are in so they can scheme you up a little bit, even though they say they are not scheming you up. The receiving corps that we have from top to bottom, that makes it even tougher. It has been a fun one for sure. The competition level has been high this whole camp.”


On if facing the Browns WRs in training camp is going to help the Browns DBs play even better during the season:

“Definitely. It kind of sounds cliché, but iron sharpens iron. What we have over there on the offense side with the receivers and quarterbacks and the timing and the connection that they have, it is just going to make us a lot better. When we come in Sunday and we are play other opponents, we are not going to see anything that we have not seen in practice already. It is going to calm the game down for us a lot, make things a little slower and allow us to play faster.”


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