CB T.J. Carrie and WR Jarvis Landry (10.14.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • CB T.J. Carrie
  • WR Jarvis Landry


CB T.J. Carrie:

On how frustrating it was to not get a stop on the Seahawks’ final drive yesterday:

“It is tough. Through all the adversity we had in that game and still having a chance to win and not capitalize on the opportunities that we had, it definitively hurts a lot more because we knew going into that game that we were a talented team and that we could bounce back from the performance that we put on the week before. I felt like we had a lot of good flashes early on in the game. In this league, football is 60 minutes. If you can’t play 60 minutes of football, things like that happen.”


On if the importance of getting a stop was on his mind at critical points of the game facing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

“Yeah, I felt like [Wilson] was definitely able to create  a lot of opportunities for his offense – scrambling, getting out of the pocket. I felt like we had a lot of flags in crucial situations where we had them backed up or we had them behind the chains with penalties and then we get a flag and give them a first down and do not allow our offense to get on the field. Yeah, from that standpoint, he definitely made some plays for them with his legs and created some space for his receivers to make plays.”


On the physical condition of the Browns defense on the last drive of the game, given the length of the game and the emotions of the game:

“When you play a game like this, you know that you are honing to have to play 60 minutes of football. I feel like that last drive, we should have had all the energy because at that point in time, we knew that we could get the ball back to our offense, go down there and score and win. At a time like that, that is the time where you muster up any energy that you do have left in the game, and you go out there and make a stop.”


On the biggest different between the Ravens game and the past two games:

“We have to get turnovers. I think we had one turnover in the last two games. That is something that in this league and in this game that you have to create extra opportunities for your offense. When you get turnovers, it definitely is a big momentum swing for the team. It definitely allows the offense to get the ball back and have more opportunities. Those are the things that we are lacking that I feel right now. If we can’t get the turnovers needed to give our offense another chance, it makes it hard to play great ball all through the game. We definitely have to continue to work on that in practice day in and day out and have that mindset that when we go into the game and we are in every situation that we are going to strip, hit the ball and whatever we can do to get it out.”


On if the Browns have had a longer time to gel and play as a team, given the team’s talent:

“Something that coach (Head Coach Freddie) Kitchens is always preaching is trust. Trust goes a long way in this league, and trust is definitely built with believing in the system, believing in all the things that we have in place and being selfless. I think when you definitely have a talented group, a lot of us with talent, we have to be able to look within ourselves and say how can I benefit the team and not necessarily myself? I think that goes a long way. Coach Kitchens is continuing to preach look at yourself in the mirror, do not point a finger at someone else and look at yourself and see what you can do to benefit the team, how you can improve and how you can instead of doing this, do this for the team. I think the gelling comes with us all trusting within one another and just believing everything that the coaches are telling us because I feel like they are putting us in the best situations to be successful.”


On playing Wilson to Patriots QB Tom Brady in back-to-back games:

“I feel like every game that we play is tough. I say that in the stance of this is the National Football League. There are great quarterbacks, there are great teams, there are great offenses and they are all in this league for a reason. I definitely would say that Tom is an elite quarterback and he has been doing it at a high level for a very, very long time. We are going to have our work cut out for us to go out there and compete. At the end of the day, it is just putting together a sound gameplan and going out there and playing with a lot of energy and effort and continue to cause turnovers. I think that is the biggest thing that can deflate an offense. It can change the momentum of a game. That is going to be our mantra going into playing them within the next couple of weeks is that we have to go out there and cause and create turnovers for our offense.”


WR Jarvis Landry:

On what bothers him most about yesterday’s loss:

“Penalties overall, obviously turnovers and obviously the biggest thing is just knowing we should have won that game. That is probably the toughest part because throughout the penalties, turnovers or whatever, we still only lost by [four] points. It is tough.”


On if it feels the Browns need to gel more as a team to help get through adversity:
“I think for us, we do great things and we try to build off of it, and we end up taking steps back. We just have to find a way to do the things that we do well consistently. As far as a team and as a group, obviously, what these men go through and what we go through, it brings us together in a unique way. I would definitely say that we are a team, but I would think the biggest thing I am trying to say is, like I said last week, we just need to find ways to continue to play to our potential. That is the biggest thing.”


On if part of his frustration with yesterday’s game is tied to officiating:

“Yeah, I mean, yeah. That was part of it, for sure.”


On QB Baker Mayfield’s interception when targeting him in the end zone at the end of the first half:
“I feel like I ran a pretty good route, had an opportunity, got inside and I just did not make the play. I just did not make the play, and when balls get tipped up in this league, they usually get picked off. I just have to make the play.”


On if the Browns can correct drops, penalties and other recent mistakes during the season:

“Yeah, I think most of everything we have struggled with has been self-inflicted. There are a couple ways that teams got after us and we did not have an answer, but most of the games we have been played have all been self-inflicted. It is just wounds that we have put on ourselves sometimes. Sometimes it is third-and-20, and we get the first down. Most times, that is just not the case. We have to be better on third down. Obviously, we have to be better in the red zone. We had a couple opportunities yesterday – [two] opportunities that we did not score – one being an interception and then the fourth down that was a touchdown but then, you know.”


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