CB Martin Emerson Jr. (5.22.24)

What’s different for you as you head into these OTAs from this time last year? Are you the same size, lighter, faster? Anything different?

“Going into this time? Probably just knowing what to expect, you know, and just having a standard and coming in and trying to bring guys along, you know, last year, you know, coming in with Jim Schwartz you know, we just building the foundation. You know, we trying to actually, like, find our identity and build, but I feel like we already have a pretty strong foundation, identity here and just find a way to get better and bring anybody along with me, everybody along with me on that journey. So, yeah, that’s what I would say going into this year. Just bring everybody along and make sure that we are farther than what were last year at this point. So that’s the goal.”


When you look at year two of this defensive scheme. Obviously you guys finish first in a lot of metrics. Is there one thing that you think to yourself I want us to do better in this regard?

“I would say red zone. Red zone defense. We were in the top three, top five in a lot of categories. I want to say in red zone, we finished 26th in the league last year. So coming into this year, you know, that’s a big goal for us. You know, if we can make guys settle for three points instead of getting seven, you know, we save four points for the offense and, you know, four points in this league that’s a big difference, and that’s my goal for this defense. One of our goals for this defense.”


Greg’s (Newsome) getting his fifth year option picked up. You guys are keeping the trio together, how big is that for you guys, and then what are some of the goals that you guys share now that you are staying together?

“Oh, man. Just grateful, you know, to run it back, you know, with those guys, with Denzel (Ward) and Greg.  Honestly, man, I’m thankful and blessed, you know, to keep the trio together and hopefully we just keep growing, you know, and we know we got goals for each other and expectations, but honestly just keep growing as young men and guiding each other, and just staying close to faith and coming out here and doing what we do best on the field.”


Martin, what’s it like to have Deshaun (Watson) back out there? Not throwing today, but back out there throwing back with you guys and ready to take back over this season?

“It means a lot, you know, having our QB1 out there with the guys, you know, just coaching everybody up. He’s healthy, man. We just excited to see what he has in store, you know, for us this year.”


What did the Browns get in your Mississippi State guy, Nathaniel (Watson)?

“Nathaniel, man. Bookie, he is electric. You know, he’s very hyper guy. You know, he comes and plays every day, and he’s very physical, you know, and that’s what we play. Cleveland Browns defense, you know, we are very physical, fast, that’s what I feel like he brings all that to the table. So I’m excited to have Nathaniel a part of this defense.”


He was saying he was the leader of (Mississippi State) defense, but now he’s got to listen to you. Is that a little weird?

“I would say he was, you know, he was the leader of defense. He was very vocal, not shy to compete, you know, held everybody to the same standard. He is going to fit great in this defense, so I’m excited to have him here.”


Martin, when you look at the lineup of quarterbacks that you guys are playing this season, have you really thought about that a lot this offseason and looked over it and realized what it’s all gonna be like?

“Yeah, of course I looked at the schedule, I checked that and looked at everybody, you know, great opponents this year, a lot of primetime games. You know, it’s exciting, you know, just to know we’re going against a lot of elite talent. You know, we’re going to have to come play every Sunday. I mean, that’s our job. That’s what we plan on doing. So we’ll see on Sunday.”


It’s got to be a defensive back dream to look at Tua (Tagovailoa), Jalen (Hurts), Lamar (Jackson), Joe (Burrow), Justin (Herbert) on the schedule. I mean, it goes on and on and on, right?

“Yeah. A lot of great quarterbacks, man. A lot of great quarterbacks looking to make a lot of good balls. A lot of plays on the balls against those guys.”


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