CB Martin Emerson Jr. (10.10.22)


On his pass defensed on fourth-and-2 late in yesterday’s game:

“Fourth-and-2, really just film study honestly. The back was to my side, two by two. I was just being alert for the lines. It was fourt-and-2. I jumped based on that and tried to get underneath him, but I ended up outside. Just played through his hands, a good play to try to give us a chance.”


On LA Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley’s comment about wanting the matchup between him and LA Chargers WR Mike Williams and if it made the pass defensed more gratifying:

“Yeah, Mike Williams, he is a great receiver. He is big, physical. Obviously, I am big and physical. I was excited to line up against him whenever I could.”


On the biggest issue is with the Browns run defense in recent weeks:

“It just comes down to will and want-to, honestly. I feel like there is no perfect call. Everybody just do their job and then run the gaps all 11 to the ball, and we should be fine. We just have to click the switch on defense. We have to play better as a whole.”


On frustrations with now playing up to their own standard recently on defense:

“It has been frustrating, but take it one day at a time. We can’t get ourselves down about it, but we have to realize our mistakes and we have to fix them fast.”


On if enjoys being a gunner on the punt team, given his physicality, and if he played gunner in college:

“Yes, sir. In college, I did it a lot, actually. I enjoy doing it here. I just want to get out there and do anything to help the team win. If that is being on special teams, kickoff return, punt return or gunner, anything that I can help the team win, I want to do so I am going to try to do it to the best of my ability.”


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