CB Martin Emerson (4.29.22)

On joining the Browns, who have a strong DBs room:

“It is exciting. It is exciting just going in with guys who have been in my position. Great players and just going in and learning from them, it is going to be great. Just coming in, I am going to compete and give it all I have. Bring a little size. Bring some physicality. I am just going to bring everything I have. Excited just to be a part of the team and be a part of the defensive back group.”


On if he expected to be drafted by the Browns this weekend and how much communication he had wit the team prior to today:

“I had a formal meeting at the combine. We really did not talk that much after so I did not expect it.”


On if he expected to be drafted today:

“I do not really know honestly. I did not really ask my agent too much. I was just going in with an open mind, and just wherever I went, I was just going to go in and make the best of it and go in and compete.”


On his strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth as a CB:

“My strengths, just being versatile, coming in and being able to do anything the coach asks me to. If that is going to press, playing off, zone, blitzing or whatever. Just being versatile. I feel like I can bring that to this team. What I need to work on, I feel like it is getting more turnovers. That is going to be a goal of mine is getting turnovers for the team and helping us win.”


On if teams discussed his one interception in college prior to the draft and how much that motivates him to improve:

“It is kind of like a personal thing honestly. Some teams brought it up to me – maybe two that I can remember off my head about of did I have ball skills or whatnot. That is just something that I want to prove to myself is to just get the ball because I know I can get the ball. I just want to prove it to myself and make that happen.”


On what prompted his switch from WR to DB in high school, given he only played DB for one full season in high school:

“My high school coach actually [prompted the switch]. I wanted to play offense. I always loved playing offense. He kind of forced me to go over there, and I excelled at it. I started getting offers at the position so I just stuck with it, and I ended up falling in love with it. That is kind of how it happened.”


On his current location and whether he and his family spent the draft together:

“I am in Atlanta, Georgia right now with my family.”


On what he knew about the Browns prior to being drafted by the team and what stands out about the team:

“I do know about the Browns. The defensive back group [stands out] – the defensive backs I am going to work with.”


On how the transition from WR to CB helped him mold his game:

“How did it mold me? It was a great transition really. I am just trying to think – that is a good question. I would probably say just thinking like what a receiver likes to do and probably just thinking what a receiver would like to use against me and how I was thinking when I played receiver. That probably helped.”


On having a low target percentage during his college career and if not being targeted as much led to not having as many takeaways:

“Yes, ma’am, but at the same time, I feel like that is kind of making an excuse for me. I do not try to make any excuses. I did get targeted so I feel like some of the plays I could have made and got interceptions. Yeah, I do feel like that played a role, but I do not really try to look at it like that.”


On competing against QB Deshaun Watson and WR Amari Cooper in practice:

“It is going to be great. They are great players. They are the best at what they do. Me coming in, it is going to be great just getting better and working with those guys.”


On where he was expecting to be picked in the draft:

“My agent told me second or third round.”


On if he has ever practiced as an inside CB:

“Yes, sir. I have at [Mississippi] State actually. I have practiced on the inside. I played a lot of it in high school; I know that is a different level, but I have. I try to be versatile so whatever coach wants me to do, that is what I am going to do.”


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