CB Kevin Johnson (9.21.20)

CB Kevin Johnson:

On sustaining a lacerated liver and what he was thinking when heading to the hospital: 

“It was definitely an unusual situation. I was just defending a pass in practice from a tight end in the red zone, and we were both extended in the air. We twisted up in the air, and he kind of just landed right on top of me onto my ribs. When the injury happened I just thought that I got the wind knocked on me really, really bad, but then it felt like a little bit different than that. I have had the wind knocked out of me plenty of times in my career so it just felt a little different from that. Then we got it checked out, and it turns out I lacerated my liver.”


On what was going through his mind when he learned he had a lacerated liver:

“I do not know. A lot of things were going into my head but, I just was hoping for the best. I was hoping that I was not going to have to get surgery and hoping that it was not you know too serious. I was really upset when I heard the news, just because it sounded kind of bad. I am definitely excited that this has passed and I feel good.”

On the uncertainty and having a timeframe for his return to play:

“It was uncertainty. When I first I lacerated my liver, I stayed in the hospital for about two nights, just to make sure that I was not internally bleeding. Once all of that cleared up and they saw that I was not bleeding inside of my body, that was a good thing. The next week, I got another checkup and, and it just kind of went from there from checkup to checkup to checkup. Once I hit about three weeks in, it was really healing pretty fast so that was really good news. We were just hoping that it stayed on the same course.”

On what was going through his mind during his first night in the hospital:

“It was pretty hard. I was not necessarily scared. I more so wanted to play. I would say that was the biggest. I was so upset about that just because I could not believe that it was such a random injury. It was not like I went out there and pulled my hamstring or something like that. It was like I didn’t really know. ‘Wow, I lacerated my liver.’ I was pretty upset. I was pissed off more than anything. As the time went on, I was realizing that it was not too bad and I was healing pretty quick. I was pretty excited about that and I was looking forward for it to get better.”

On people praying for his recovery:

“Yeah, I appreciate all those prayers that people sent my way.”

On how his prior injuries helped him get through the experience:

“It definitely helped a lot. I faced adversity like this before in my career so it was not a new place for me to be. I knew the world was not over when it happened. I was figuring out more and more about the injury. I knew it was not the end of the world. It definitely helped me prepare myself for the next upcoming weeks, getting back ready to play and just sitting out. It is tough when you are hurt and when you are just sitting out watching. That definitely helped prepare me for those past five weeks.”

On if he felt he was having a strong training camp prior to the injury:

“Yeah, I felt like I was having a pretty good camp, and it was just beginning. That was definitely a big part of the reason why I was very upset about the injury. It is what it is. It is all part of football. It is part of the game. I am sitting here counting my blessings yesterday watching the games seeing a lot of players have been some big time injuries yesterday during the games. I feel blessed that I am able to be back out there and practice.”

On if his lacerated liver was more pain or discomfort:

“It was discomfort. It was just very uncomfortable. It was very uncomfortable. Like I said, I could not really breathe. I could not really breathe, and it was long. It was kind of a long time where I was kind of just trying to get my breath back to normal. My stomach felt full. I felt like I had drank a lot of water or something like that. I was just like yeah, something is going on inside of my body. I thought I cracked my rib or something, which I had never done before. I just felt something was a little off.”

On the number of Browns DBs who sustained injuries during a short stretch of training camp:

“It was crazy, especially just with all of the COVID stuff going on. We have not played football in so long then we hop out there and then one guy goes down, the next guy goes down, next guy goes down. It was just kind of a whirlwind of what just happened? Next thing you know, you blink and here I am right now. Like I said, I am excited to be back. I feel blessed to be back healthy. I am so excited to be a part of this team and getting to work, continuing to work.”

On the boost of CB Greedy Williams and him potentially returning this week:

“We were just talking about when we get back we have to bring that energy and really try and be the best that we can be to help our team in any way we can. I definitely say we are licking our chops to get back out there on that field.”

On if he is worried about getting back on the field and something may become an issue his liver:

“No, and that is the one thing that just going through the process that all the doctors informed me is that once the wound is healed up, it is healed up. It is not like a hamstring that lingers or any type of injury that lingers on. My liver is healed up 100 percent, and I feel normal. I feel like I did right before I injured it.”

On if he thinks he could potentially play Sunday:

“All that stuff is up to the coaches. You will have to ask (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) about that.”

On if he will have to wear any extra padding to protect his liver:

“No, nothing.”

On if the lack of a full offseason program has anything to do with the myriad of injuries suffered across the league yesterday:

“It is hard to say. I do not think so. I think that a lot of the injuries I saw were just kind of freak injuries. I saw one DB on the Ravens (Tavon Young), he was defending a pass and his leg got hit while he was in the air and landed on it awkwardly. I did not see (NY Giants RB) Saquon Barkley or (49ers DE) Nick Bosa’s, but it is just the game of football. Sometimes unfortunately, a lot of this crazy stuff happens out there, like me lacerating my liver. You would think, how? Those things tend to happen on the football field, and it is just a matter of being prepared, preparing yourself the best way you can and going out there and taking advantage of your opportunities.”

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