CB Kevin Johnson (12.3.20)

CB Kevin Johnson:

On how Titans RB Derrick Henry puts added pressure on the Browns secondary this week:

“I would not say it puts on added pressure. We just know what we have to do on the back end. We know we have to be locked in on Derrick Henry, and we also have to be locked in on their passing game. Their whole offensive system and their operation has been very successful. The whole defense, we have to be locked in.”

On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. sustaining a shoulder injury last week:

“It is unfortunate anytime you see one of your brothers go down. I know he was excited for the game, playing against his old team. I was there for him and supporting him. I know the whole defense and the whole team was really supporting him. All my prayers and wishes to Ronnie and him getting better. It is next man up. We have a lot of guys on our team in our secondary who can step in and play at a high level. That is really what I am expecting.”

On evaluating his performance on Sunday:

“It was pretty solid. I gave up a stop route, an over in man to man and a 12-yard dig at the end of the game. I was very tight in coverage on two of the three. It was solid. It was solid. Just really looking to build next week and getting in tune with their offense, what they like to do and who they like to get the ball to X, Y and Z. Really just trying to play sharp and execute.”


On Titans WRs A.J. Brown and Corey Davis:

“They are good receivers. They have had good success this season. Bigger guys. They like to run the whole route tree. Good hands. Things like that. We have to be tight in coverage just like every single week and compete at a high level.”

On tackling a physical runner like Henry and if he has to adjust his mindset for it:

“You definitely have to understand who you are playing against every week. It is definitely going to be a thing where everybody has to show up at the party. It is going to be a whole team thing where we have to understand who they want to get the ball to and how he likes to run the ball. In my time in Houston, I played against Derrick Henry a couple of times. I have seen it before. We just have to go out there, play hard, play our game and execute.”

On the importance of getting to Henry at or before the line of scrimmage so Henry cannot gain momentum down the field:

“Anytime you can stop that train from getting on the tracks, it is going to help a lot. If we can get to him early, the better. We just have to execute, everybody has to be on their Ps and Qs and we have to get the whole team in there.”

On the Browns defense playing through injuries this season and how defensive coordinator Joe Woods has adapted to missing players this year:

“He has been doing a great job. His demeanor, his attitude and his coaching style has been very in a way that we all feel that we are going to operate at a successful level every Sunday. Like I said, there comes a point in time where it has to be next man up, and we have guys in our unit that we feel can play at a high level. We all have to just be prepared for what happens when it happens and then play at our standard. Coach Joe Woods has done a good job of letting it be known what our standard is each and every week.”

On if there is excitement and energy with DE Myles Garrett returning:

“Definitely. Anytime you can get one of the best pass rushers in the league back in the lineup, it is going to bring some excitement to everybody on the team. I am excited to have him back.”

On what is most impressive about Garrett:

“His consistency. Every day, whether it be week to week practice and how he is taking care of himself outside of the facility and things like that and how consistent he is on gameday, that is the thing that has impressed me. In the NFL, it is hard to be consistent.”

On the Titans WRs’ ability to run the entire route tree and if that is unusual:

“Some teams, they have guys who you know you can book them for he is going to be a deep-threat guy or this guy is an intermediate-option route runner. These guys, they have some good receivers who can go intermediate, they can go deep or they can run all different types of routes. It presents a challenge to our defense that we have to be prepared for.”

On Brown’s ability to produce big plays with physical play or speed:

“He has had a lot of success in his career in the NFL. Like you said in the play against Baltimore and the other play, he has done a good job of making plays for the team. We have to be dialed in on him.”

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