CB Greg Newsome II (9.29.22)


On the Falcons offense:

“They just run a bunch of different personnel. Their receivers and their threats are really big so that is something we also have to account for. Also, they have a running quarterback so you have to account for that part of the offense, as well.”


On if he has seen DE Myles Garrett and how relieved he was to see Garrett OK following the one-car accident on Monday:

“Yes, I have. I am just glad he is OK. Take his time getting back, and we are definitely happy to see him.”


On facing WR Amari Cooper every day in practice:

“He is arguably the best route runner in the NFL. Going against him every day, it definitely helps us, and it prepares us for any type of receiver.”


On Garrett’s demeanor today:

“He looked happy just to be able to see us all again. I just told him, ‘I love you. I am glad you are here.’ We will definitely be there for him, whatever he needs, and can’t wait for him to get back healthy.”


On challenges facing big Falcons targets like TE Kyle Pitts and the unit’s WRs:

“It is just going to be something you have to be able to challenge at the catch point. Luckily, we go against big receivers in like (Steelers WR) Chase Claypool and (Steelers WR) George Pickens so we have been able to see some of those bigger receivers. You just have to be physical with them. They are big receivers, but you have to be able to challenge at the catch point.”


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