CB Greg Newsome II (9.22.21)


On if he has been surprised that opposing QBs have not thrown his way much during the first two games:

“Yeah, a little bit. I just think that is also in our defensive scheme – scheming them to do certain things. It is definitely a little surprising.”


On evaluating his first two NFL games:

“I think I am learning each and every day. I think am getting better each and every game. I am making some mistakes but am trying to fix them out there. I think I have been doing a good job with that so far. I think I have been playing pretty solid so far.”


On lessons from the defensive pass interference call against the Texans:

“With that, honestly, to fix that is going to have to be at the line of scrimmage. When they are ahead of me, we are taught to not look and turn around so I am not going to turn around in those scenarios. I just kind of have to win at the line of scrimmage so I am on top and I have the ability to turn around. That is what I learned is just to be on top early on so I have the opportunity to make a play later.”


On if the defensive pass interference call and lessons from it are a matter of adjusting to different coaching tips and schemes from college to the NFL:

“Not really. I just think technique-wise I am still learning and learning the new techniques. That is something that I am still trying to perfect. Turning around and getting your head around for the ball is something that is taught everywhere.”


On how the team is preparing to face the Bears this week, given it is not yet known if Bears QB Andy Dalton or Bears QB Justin Fields will start:

“We are going to have to prepare for both. We are not going to know who is out there until the game starts. We are going to prepare for both of them.”