CB Greg Newsome II (8.10.21)

CB Greg Newsome II:

On if he is anxious to start playing games:

“Definitely anxious to start playing games, just to try to showcase what I can do and showcase some of my talents out there. Definitely ready to go.”


On if it will mean anything to him if he intercepts Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence:

“Just to intercept a pass from anybody or just to get your first interception in the NFL would be an amazing feeling. Just because it is preseason does not mean anything – every game is going to be treated the same for me at least. I will definitely be ready to go.”


On if there is anything about training camp that has surprised him:

“I think I was pretty much prepared. It is not really surprising that the speed is going to be faster and the guys are going to be more physical. That is just taking the next step in the NFL so nothing was really surprising. It was just good to get out here and compete with the guys.”


On how facing the Browns WRs are making him a better player:

“10 times better. We are all making each other better. Like they say, iron sharpens iron. Going against these guys every single day is not only going to make me a better player but make them better players, as well.”


On his self-assessment of his training camp so far:

“I think I have been doing good this camp. As I stand, whether it is regarding to starting or whatever, I do not know and really do not care. I am just trying to get as best as I can and help the team any way I can. I will let (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) come out with the depth chart. Whatever he needs me to do, like I said in previous interviews, that is what I will be willing to do.”