CB Greg Newsome II (7.27.22)


On today being similar to a ‘first day of school’ moment of excitement: 

“For sure. Most definitely. The first day of football is always the one you are looking forward to. It is just those later days where you have to keep the same mindset as you came in the first day.”


On the difference from the first day of training camp this year compared to his rookie season: 

“I just feel 10 times more comfortable. I feel like I am in junior year of college where I know the scheme, I know the guys and I know where they are going to be on the plays so I just feel a lot more comfortable.”


On his expectations for his personal performance and development this season:

“It is just to be comfortable. Some of those plays where I messed up maybe mentally, it is to correct those and just to be a better leader this year and be a lot more vocal. Those are my goals.”


On if his expectations remain the same regardless of potential discipline for QB Deshaun Watson:

“For sure. Our expectation is just to go 1-0 every game. We talked about that yesterday. Obviously, every team should be wanting to win a Super Bowl – if you are not playing the game wanting to win a Super Bowl, then why are you playing the game? Our focus is just to go 1-0 every day, and it starts on the field tomorrow.”


On if it is tough not knowing how long Watson may be available this season: 

“I do not think it is tough. We have guys preparing like they are the No. 1 anyways. Like (S) John (Johnson III) said before, (QB Jacoby) Brissett is going to play like he is the No. 1 regardless. He has shown it multiple times in his career where he had to step in and be the No. 1. (QB) Josh (Dobbs) can get out there and do the same thing. (Head Coach Kevin) Stefanski is going to have them ready to go regardless of who is out there.”


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