CB Greg Newsome II (5.25.22)

On experiencing his first NFL offseason:

“It was great. I was able to travel a little bit. Take a little breather. Obviously going in as a rookie, you are just finishing the Bowl game and then you have to go train, then you have the combine and then you have to come here so I was able to skip all of that and just focus on some of the things that I needed to focus on. I was able most definitely be able to be with my family a little bit more and just chill a little bit before I ramp it back up.”


On if he was tired after going through all of the offseason activity prior to his rookie season:

“No, not really. I kind of train myself like that to be able to endure anything. Obviously, I was a little exhausted, but it was nothing that I could not handle. I think Northwestern prepared me for that. Our practices were hard all of the time so I think they helped me prepare for this moment.”


On his role playing more nickel CB:

“I am comfortable with it. I think it is a benefit towards me. I will be able to be around the ball a lot more. I am definitely liking the inside. It is going to be fun. I think I will be able to make some more plays, get some sacks and things like that. I am definitely embracing that new role.”


On what in his skillset allows him to be an ideal fit for nickel CB:

“I just think coming into the draft, like I said, I think I can fit to any scheme. I think I am a very smart player. Nickel is one of the hardest positions in football. You have to be intelligent in order to play that position. I just think with my body type a little bit bigger and I am agile to move so I can guard those smaller receivers. I think I will definitely be fine in the nickel.”


On his impressions of QB Deshaun Watson as a teammate:

“Great leader. Obviously, I have not been able to have too many conversations with him, but I can just tell like it is a different aura about him. You can tell he is a great leader. He comes in the building and works every single day. You can tell by this offense. I think they are looking great right now. That is the first thing I can say is that he is a great leader and a great person.”


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