CB Greg Newsome II (12.28.22)


On the team’s mindset this week against Washington after being eliminated from playoff contention:

“The same way we treat every game and we treat every practice, compete. At the end of the day, this is our job. We are competitors. Like you said, obviously the playoffs are out of the question, but at the end of the day, there are still a lot more things we can do out there. Just compete.”


On his postgame comment that the team has the talent to be in the postseason and that making it more disappointing that the team did not reach the playoffs in back-to-back years:

“Super disappointed. Like I said, on paper, we have a very, very talented roster. Obviously, we weren’t able to put everything together this season for the second straight year. It is definitely frustrating.”


On why the talent on paper did not potentially translate to on-field performance:

“I couldn’t tell you. It just didn’t work out.”


On his postgame that he wishes the Browns defense could have performed earlier in the season as well as it did in recent weeks and how much injuries to the Browns secondary during training camp and the preseason impacted the unit’s ability to be on the same page early in the year:

“I don’t think that has anything to do with it. It is just more so communication. I feel like we fixed that along the season. It is not necessarily not knowing where people [are]. It is just communication. Coverage busts are nothing that is with playing with each other. That is just not communicating back and forth so that was the problem.”


On external speculation about potential changes to the Browns defensive coaching staff during the offseason:

“That is above my paygrade. I kind of don’t look at any of that stuff. We still have two more games so I am really focused on that. Whatever happens with anything else, I have no clue what is going to happen. I kind of just focus on that, and I allow the higher-ups to make those decisions.”


On playing both slot and outside CB and if he would like to continue playing in the slot:

“For sure. Definitely something I would like to continue. You said it is difficult, especially going from outside to inside – I like playing outside, too – it is definitely a role that I would like to have, but more so I feel like I would like to have more on a one-matchup basis instead of just having me be inside the whole time. That is something that we are kind of going to work through.”


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