CB Greg Newsome II (12.26.23)

With the winning and you’re in proposition for you guys on Thursday night. How much does that add to this game? 

“It adds a lot, a lot to this game with the win. I think we’re 100% in with the win, so that’ll definitely be huge for this franchise and just everything we’ve been through this season with the injuries and things like that, it’ll definitely be good to get a win.”


You guys have talked a lot about how much the Dawg Pound has helped you all defensively. So how excited are you to hear what that building is going to be like at full capacity with you guys on the cusp of making the playoffs? 

“Man, it’s going to be a playoff game. They’re going to show us exactly what the playoff atmosphere is going to be like out here in Cleveland. So, we’re definitely super excited to have the opportunity to clinch at home.”


You obviously weren’t here in 2020, so for you what would it mean to get that first playoff berth in your career? 

“I mean, everything. I hate losing. I hate being at the end of the season not playing for anything but pride. So, the opportunity to finally get to the playoffs, to be able to clinch it in front of our home crowd is an amazing opportunity.”


Do you expect to have MJ (Emerson) back or what do you think? 

“I mean, I’m not really a doctor or do any of the training stuff, but that’d definitely be great. Obviously, he’s one of the best corners in the NFL, so going to definitely be great to have him back out there. But you got to ask Coach (Kevin Stefanski) and them on that aspect.”


When you look at this Jets offense, what are the biggest challenges that they present you guys? Especially with this quick turnaround. 

“I would probably say just their running backs, Breece Hall and their receiver, Garrett Wilson. Garrett Wilson is an All-Pro receiver, very elite receiver. Breece Hall is a great running back. So they do provide some challenges there.”


What’s the most difficult part of this week for you guys, having to play in Houston on Sunday and then had to come back on Thursday and play that quick turnaround. What’s the most challenging aspect of having to try win again on a short week? 

“It’s just getting your body back, right? I mean, normally after a win on Sunday, we don’t have to come back in until Wednesday really. So, tomorrow is really our Saturday. So, it’s just getting your body back right. You know, everybody in the NFL is hurting right now. Jets are hurting, Ravens are hurting. Every single team is hurting right now. So, kind of don’t look at it like that. It’s just a challenge and we’re up for it.”


In terms of receivers, just how good is Amari Cooper? 

“Oh, I say it all the time. I feel like he’s one of the most underrated receivers in the league. And some can be like, how is that possible? Because everyone knows Amari Cooper, but just the ability that he has to make plays and a receiver playing with his fourth quarterback is insane. For him to still be so consistent and lead us in so many ways is remarkable. But I said it before, he’s the best route runner in the league. He doesn’t do a lot of talking out there and all the ‘rah-rah’ stuff. He just gets the job done each week. So, Amari Cooper is definitely remarkable.”


Some of that underratedness, do you think that’s maybe because he’s just not that big, flashy personality on the field? It has nothing to do obviously with his skills.

“Yeah, I think it’s just like – Amari Cooper reminds me of Nick Chubb, but plays the receiver position. They go out there each week, make remarkable plays, get the job done, but don’t need to talk about their action. They just work and they show you. So, I definitely think that has a lot to do with it.”


You guys have been so good at home defensively. How important is that coming into this game? 

“Super important. The fans know. They’ll be there loud for us, but they’re our twelfth man out there. I say it all the time. We have the best fans in the world. So going out there with the energy they bring and what they provide to the opposing offense of them having to go on silent count every third down and just making some mistakes that really they’re causing out there as much as they don’t know. They’re causing a lot of those extra timeouts they got to use to get in the right stuff. So, they provide a big boost for us.”


Greg, everybody feels really bought in this year and obviously the wins show it. Why have you guys bought in so much to what Kevin (Stefanski) has said all year? 

“I think we just all have the same mindset and that’s winning at all costs, no matter what we have to do. Coach (Stefanski) just said today, man, no one’s here selfish. We’ll do whatever it takes to win. You see Myles Garrett out there on field goal block. He’s never really done that in his career, but he’s going out there, extra effort trying to get the block. So, I just think we just all are just so unselfish and just trying to do whatever it takes to win.”


But I guess from Kevin’s standpoint as the tone setter, I guess. How has he set that tone? 

“He set it right away. As soon as he went to West Virginia for camp. That already showed you what his goal was for. I mean, he accomplished that goal, great. But just the ability to just allow us to just be ourselves, allow us to be a player-led team. He’s done a great job so far.”


Did you try to forget that Jets game last year? 

“For sure, being up by a lot and them coming back and winning. Joe Flacco, now he’s on our team. So that’s amazing. But definitely try to forget it. But you also don’t want to forget it. We still got that stinging pain, that stinging urge to get back out there to prove ourselves from last year’s loss. So, we’re definitely super excited for the shot.”


And because it happened to you guys, is it also that cautionary tale that a game is never over kind of situation? Not that you ever think of that. But because that did happen to you guys, is that part of the process? 

“I wouldn’t even say it’s from that, the game is never over. I just think it’s just from us just playing this entire season, we’ve been down a lot going into the fourth and coming back. So, we just have that resiliency, our mindset.”



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