CB Greg Newsome II (12.21.22)


On if he is looking forward to facing Saints WR Chris Olave this week:

“Yeah, it will definitely be fun. I didn’t get to go against him in the Big Ten Championship. He was out with an injury. Yeah, that will definitely be a fun matchup.”


On Olave’s strengths:

“Obviously, everyone knows he is fast – you can look at his 40 – but he has very smooth, deceptive speed. When he is running intermediate routes and deep routes, they all look the same so that definitely makes it a tough tale to kind of see what route he is running.”


On if he is prepared for the cold weather conditions on Saturday:

“I don’t think you ever can necessarily prepare for that. It is definitely going to be cold, but I said it earlier, I just feel like it is like a decision you have to make: Are you going to let it affect you or are you not? Like there is only the decision. Everyone loves to say, ‘You went to Northwestern.’ You can’t prepare for cold. I’m cold, too (laughter). It is just like the mindset that you go into the game with.”


On if he will be shirtless in warmups on Saturday like TE David Njoku:

“I am not going to do that (laughter)”


On what can be done to diminish the effect of cold weather such as hand warmers or foot warmers:

“Yeah, it is certain stuff like that. The benches are heated too so that helps. When you are out there, you are not really thinking about it. It is more so when you’re on the sideline I feel like is when you’re cold. When you are on the field, you are thinking about what play they are going to run and you are thinking about beating your man across from you. I feel like that is something you can do. Obviously, there is compression stuff, but me personally, I don’t think any of that honestly works.”


On Saints TE Taysom Hill:

“It is definitely hard preparing for a guy like that who can be a tight end, running back quarterback or receiver. That is definitely somebody who when he gets on the field we have to be alert for.”


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