CB Greg Newsome II (11.17.21)

On processing the loss to the Patriots and what the coaches are saying about the inconsistency:

“Obviously, it sucks. Like you said, against the Bengals I think we had a great game all the way around, and to come back next week and not play and not perform so well sucks, but the coaches are just preaching consistency. We have to find a way to be consistent week in and week out, and that is the hardest thing in the NFL is to stay consistent. This week, we are going to work as hard as we can to get back to that level.”


On staying consistent in his role, given his passes defensed against the Bengals and defensive pass interference penalties against the Patriots:

“That is a part of the game. Whether I like it or not or whether I like the calls or not, they were called. I just have to work my technique a little bit better this week and just keep pushing forward.”


On Browns veterans stepping up to make sure the team does what is needed:

“The biggest thing I see is just no panic. Nobody in the building has panicked. We are all just preaching next week. Last week’s game was in the past, and we are going to flush it and just move on to next week.”


On conversations among Browns defensive players on the sideline when the team is not performing well:

“Just keep playing. You do not know what can happen. The game is not over until the game is over. There is a lot more opportunity to make plays out there so when you are out there, just keep going, and then after the game, we will fix whatever we need to fix. Just have to keep playing at the end of the day.”


On if there were enough in-game adjustments made against the Patriots:

“That is above my pay grade. Whatever they call, that is what I am going to play, period. At the end of the day, we did not make the plays out there, whether it was an adjustment made or not. As players, we have to find a way to make plays out there. We are the 11 on the field, and we did not get the job done on the field.”


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