CB Greg Newsome II (10.6.22)


On if there is carryover with the Chargers offense from last year’s game:

“They have a little stuff that is different, but when you got the same quarterback, same receiving corps and the same coach, everything is going to be kind of similar. They obviously always will continue to get better and continue to have new things in the system.”


On what has made Chargers QB Justin Herbert so good and preparing for Herbert:

“What has made him so good is just his God-given ability, obviously. He can read defenses. He is big. He is tall. He is tough. He can make any throw. He is definitely going to be a challenge, but I think we will be ready to go. We just have to continue to prepare like we have every single week, and we will be up for the challenge.”


On Herbert’s height as a strength and also a challenge for the Browns defense:

“He can see everything so that allows him to make throws in the middle of the field and on the outside. Smaller quarterbacks kind of see over D line sometimes so most of throws are going outside. Him, like I said, he can make every throw. That will definitely be a challenge for us.”


On Herbert preforming at a high level despite a rib injury and if the Browns defense has the mindset that the injury is not a factor in Hebert’s ability to be productive:

“For sure. Regardless, we have to play him true no matter if he has an injury or not. He is a great quarterback so we are definitely going to have to just play him true and work with our techniques.”


On Chargers WR Mike Williams:

“Big body. Tough at the catch point. We are definitely going to have to play through the hands a lot and be physical with a guy like that. A lot of guys aren’t physical with him so you have to match his physicality.”


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