CB Greg Newsome II (10.27.21)

On if he is back to full strength after playing against the Broncos:

“Yeah, for sure. I think I am definitely back physically.”


On what he learned after playing against Broncos WR Courtland Sutton:

“Definitely tells you a lot about yourself because like you said, he made some plays, and I was able to come back and make some plays, as well. It is a lot of great receivers in this league. A guy like that, you have to be ready to play every single play because he has the opportunity to get the ball every single play so you have to be locked in and focused mentally every single play.”


On how the Steelers completing short passes affects the Browns secondary:

“It definitely will not affect it at all. Our techniques are something that are consistent game to game no matter what routes they run. It is definitely not going to affect us at all.”


On Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s ability to hold onto the ball and the pressure it puts on the Browns CBs:

“I think it is just the same thing every single game: you have to be ready to cover as long as needed. Sometimes rush might not get there, and you have to be able to cover long enough. Sometimes the rush will get there, and you only have to cover for maybe two seconds. You just have to stick to your man and just have controlled eyes.”


On if the pass rush and secondary are finally starting to complement each other:

“Yeah, I think we definitely are. I think last game showed that and the game before. We are starting to finally get each other and finally starting to trust each other. Like I said earlier, I did not think it was going to happen overnight. We are a new team together so I think it is going to take some time, but I think we are definitely headed in the right direction and we are looking to continue that this Sunday.”


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