CB Greg Newsome II (10.20.22)


On if he agrees with S John Johnson III’s comment about needing more commitment to the task at hand when some players are away from the building:

“I really don’t know. Obviously, I can’t see what guys are doing when they are at home. I think most guys either they stay back watching film here or some guys go home and watch film. I am not really too sure honestly because I kind of can’t see what other guys are doing. It never hurts to just continue to get extra film study when you are home and things like that. I am not really too sure, but it never hurts to obviously do extra to try to prepare yourself for the game.”


On if he has seen a ‘renewed focus’ or ‘ratcheting up in intensity’ as the team prepares for this week’s game:

“Yeah, I think you can just kind of tell from walkthroughs and meeting rooms, like guys just being a little bit more focused and things like that. At the end of the day, we are still here, and it is the game we love to play so are still having fun with it. You just have to kind of try to be more focused in those walkthroughs because those are some reps that you might not get at practice, but they might show up in the game. I think we are a lot more focused during walkthroughs.”


On if he ever watches film with teammates when away from the building or if he typically watches on his own:

“I kind of keep it to myself. In our DB room, we have a thing where we will each have a focus for that week. Say mine is explosive plays, we will share what we got from watching that specific thing and bring it into the room so that we all get each other’s notes and things like that. We kind of share internally, but I kind of just watch it on my own.”


On the focus on team bonding during the offseason and training camp and why that chemistry has not translated to results on the field:

“I wouldn’t say it is necessarily from hanging out with each other in the offseason. I think we did a great job of that. It is just certain things that we want to translate that just didn’t translate yet. We are just going to continue to keep working, continue to keep bonding and just continue to keep trusting each other and try to have a turnaround game on Sunday.”


On if preparing for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson requires extra studying this week:

“I wouldn’t say it requires extra study. I think it does require an extra sense of urgency, whether it is staying locked onto your man during certain plays and making sure you are doing your job. You can’t let him break contain because that is a guy who is pretty much one of the fastest players in the league. He uses his feet very well. He is able to throw last second. I think it is just an extra sense of urgency where you have to stay locked in for those plays that against some quarterbacks might get thrown out right away where a guy like Lamar can extend the play sometimes for 15-20 seconds. You kind of have to have an extra sense of urgency when you are playing a guy like him.”


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