CB Greg Newsome II (10.14.21)

On an update on his calf:

“It is doing better. I was able to get out there yesterday and run around a little bit. Rehab has been going great so it is feeling good.”


On if he is optimistic he will be able to play Sunday:

“I am just taking it day by day. I have not really done too many reps yet. I am just trying to build up and then we shall see on Sunday.”


On if there was one specific play when he hurt his calf:

“It was kind of achy. It was not really one play. I was on defense and just thought it was a cramp at first. I did a punt return, was perfectly fine and then ran off the field and it just start hurting. I was like, ‘Yeah, Coach, I have to go see the trainers.’ He was like, ‘Will you be back?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. I think it is just a cramp.’ After that it started hurting more, and I could not really run.”


On what stands out about the Cardinals offense:

“First of all, it is their quarterback (Cardinals QB) Kyler Murray. He is playing at an MVP level. He is playing great. They have great receivers all around, as well. They are definitely an electric offense for sure.”


On the challenges with Murray’s ability to extend plays and make plays downfield:

“It is going to cause us to continue to cover no matter what. You maybe have to cover one, two or maybe three times at all times. You just have to keep your eyes true the whole game. There is no really looking back. Scramble drills, it is always active with a guy like Kyler Murray. You have to be able to cover for days sometimes.”